The Griffies

So, what exactly are the Griffies?  The Griffies are the awards that Conpulsion attendees bestow upon the best new games (if they’re being played or demonstrated at Conpulsion then even better).

How do we decide who gets this award?  We don’t, you do.  Every ticket holder to the convention is entitled to vote and the game in each category with the most votes gets the award for that category.  The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Our criteria for eligibility of games to be considered for a Griffie are as follows:

1) The game has to have been first made available (either commercially or as if it were a commercial product) during the 12 months since the previous year’s Conpulsion.

2) The games on the short-list have to have been nominated via our “black box” nominations system. Once nominations have closed, the committee will examine the contents of the “black box” and arrange the voting forms for attendees.

Best New Role-Playing Game (or Expansion)

Best New Boardgame (or Expansion)

Best New Card Games (or Expansion)

Best New Wargame (or Expansion)

If you have a new game that you would like to ensure is up for consideration, then fill in the form and ask your friends to do the same.