Bring and Buy!

Do you have stuff you don’t really need/want (let’s be honest, you do). Is it at least slightly nerdy? Then bring it as soon as the doors open on the Saturday (between 9 and 11) and the Bring and Buy will sell it for you! You can choose your own minimum price and, if it sells, you get a whopping 90% of the sale price! And the 10% commission all goes to charity! It’s a win-win! And if it isn’t sold, you just get it back again. We’ll take pretty much anything, books and games are always good, but if you’ve got an old costumes lying around that a LARPer might be interested in then we’ll try and sell those too.

If you don’t have something to sell (and we’ve already established, you really do), then this is a great place to snag a bargain. I could boast about the First Edition Mage that I got there last year and have been running very successfully (if I do say so myself) since, but I’m too modest for that. I, however, would highly recommend that you come and get your own boastable bargain at the Bring and Buy at Conplusion 2019!

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