It’s nearly here!

This is your friendly neighbourhood promotions officer reminding you that Conpulsion is happening and it’s happening soon! If you’ve already bought your ticket, then you are a hero and a cool, but if you haven’t, then why not? If you order VERY SOON then you’ll have a chance to order your very own Conpulsion T-Shirt, a privilege we cannot guarentee if you wait much longer.

And talking of doing things VERY SOON, are you interested in GMing for Conpulsion, or do you still want to give the logo contest a stab? Well we’ve extended the deadline for the logo contest but only for a few days and we’ll be finalising GMs soon as well, so get moving! There’s a free special GM T-Shirt in it for you if you GM and if you win the logo contest there’s a whole bag of goodies! Just go here to sign up as a GM: and look here for more info on the logo contest:

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