Logo competition statement

It has been brought to our attention that there has been concern towards the decision to not place one of the submissions for the Conpulsion 2019 Logo Contest in the public voting stage. Amongst other entries, Conpulsion Feminism did not make the public voting stage. We have realised that this decision has upset some of our society members and con attenders, so we would like to explain the reasoning behind our decision.

GEAS has always strived to be an open, welcoming society where everyone and anyone who loves roleplaying can come together to make friends and have fun. In order to keep our society as open as possible, we have taken the stance of an apolitical society, to ensure that no one feels excluded or unwelcome because of their political beliefs. We want our events to represent this as well, so we strive to ensure Conpulsion is apolitical also.

Concerns were raised that if Feminism were to win the logo contest, GEAS and Conpulsion would be forced into taking what could be interpreted as a political stance, which may make some of our members feel unwelcome, and may make otherwise interested convention attenders feel unwanted, if their political views did not align with this perceivable political stance.

We feared the theme of Feminism would appear against our apolitical position as a society, so we decided it was best that Feminism did not make the public voting stage of the competition. This is a decision we would make for any logo submission that appears to make a political statement. We apologise for any upset this decision has caused; it was not our intention.  

With respect,

Emily Booth

GEAS President

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