Logo Contest reminder.

Hey, remember that Logo Contest that I posted about a while back? Where all you arty folk out there choose a theme (beginning with F) for next year’s Conpulsion and then create a logo for the Con to go with that theme? And the winning theme and logo will be the official theme and logo of Conpulsion 2020? And all you have to do is send it here conpulsion@gmail.com before March 17th?

Well, I’ve got more news. You thought that getting to be the official logo designer of Conpulsion 2020 was enough didn’t you? Well wait till I tell you that the winner of the contest will not only get free entry to Conpulsion 2020, but will also get a £20 cash prize and a T-Shirt with their own design on it! (and now stop waiting, because that was me just telling you) There’s literally nothing to lose and all this glory and free stuff to gain, so why not submit? For more details, see our previous post http://conpulsion.org/uncategorised/announcing-the-logo-contest/

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