More announcements.

But what of the Roleplaying? I hear you ask (after my last post, which you should also read if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

Well, I’ll be teasing this one out too, because I enjoy tormenting you all and also that’s the best way to get social media coverage… I have a feeling I shouldn’t admitted to either of those two…

But anyway, who are our marvelous GMs going to be on Saturday morning? In no particular order, we have:

Dan Marriott will be running Libris Mortis using the Leagues of Gothic Horror system. London in the late 19th century, a cold, wet foggy night and the British Museum is burgled by a cloaked figure, what has been stolen? The Necronomicon, the book of the dead, who would dare steal such a dangerous book and for what nefarious purpose? Only you, a band of sleuths and monster hunters, have the skill’s and resources to follow the evidence and save England.

Mark Palmer will be running Horror at Havel’s Cross using good old DnD. When a group of archaeologists put out a call for adventurers to help them escort a valuable artefact back to civilization, nobody expects anything out of the ordinary. However, our heroes have more than mere bandits to deal with at Havel’s Cross…

Richard Coates will be running Hard Landing: research and rescue using Traveller 2nd ed. Having crash landed on the planet Tinath, the travellers are engaged by the Baroness Edda, to find a missing research party on the cold southern continent of Valeive. If successful she will pay for their ship repairs.

For those of you who are looking for games that are child friendly, then the following 3 should be great for you!

Martin Pickett is running The Schooling of Tomomi: New Girl in Class using Manifold. The King of the Six Elements has been murdered. The Princess of the Wind and the Earth has vanished into the mortal world. Tomomi is the new girl at your school. You have to see she fits in smoothly. What could possibly go wrong? A Magical Girl adventure for Manifold.

Jenny Lester is running the brilliantly named Ducks and Ravagers in D&D. Get to grips with D&D 5e in this intro adventure where you’ll learn the basics of rules, dice, and roleplay – with japes and heroism along the way!

Kevin White is running The Battle of Christmas Eve using Savage Worlds. What do you think your old teddy bears and toy soldiers do at night when you’re asleep? Just lie there and wait for you to play with them in the morning? Well, you’re wrong. They wake up and fight a bitter war against global toy terrorism, led by Oswald bin-Toybox and his fearless Mujafuzzeen fighters. Yes kiddies, that’s right—Toyland is at war, and your playthings are the frontline. Intelligence reports have led the director of TIC-TOC to believe a Mujafuzzeen cell is planning a Christmas Eve raid on the house of little Emily Winters, with the intention of making her Christmas Day a massive disappointment. Naturally, such foul activity can’t be allowed to succeed, and a small team of agents is sent to her house to save the day.

And on the other end of the spectrum, for those of you who want ADULT ONLY, maturer games, we’ve got you covered as well with:

Matthew Barrowcliff running Stuff of Tales in his own 1001 Tales. You are the toys of a pair of twin children. Until yesterday the worst things you had to defend Sophia and Jackson from were the monsters under the bed. But now they have been kidnapped and the giants who care for them are panicking. It’s up to you to rescue them – before they stop believing in you.

And finally, Phil Harris will be running One Cold Night in a Homebrew system. “The word was on the street, the Pretchart would rise tonight and with them, the very sense of the eternal, be that life or death. Now’t to be scared of but the time. Just keep the watches close, or you’ll not keep the beat.” Then they went, with the Heart of Wingter amongst them. And watched, ready to bash the brains out of any Pretchart that rose. Clubs, wrapped in razorwire and covered in nails, a worthy weapon for the hunter. Yet as they watched, and waited until the Pretchart were fully revealed, they heard the dreaded Hundrel. Its gentle voice belaying what lay within. Death!

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