Remember the Bring and Buy!

Got anything lying around your house that you don’t want? Think that it might be just about tangentially nerdy enough that someone at Conpulsion might want to buy it? Well don’t forget to bring it along to the Bring and Buy, set your own price and get 90% of the profits straight back!

If you’re coming tomorrow then just bring your stuff along between 9 and 11 to drop it off straight at the Bring and Buy stall in the trader’s hall. But if you’re coming along to the social tonight, then Fiona will be there as well and ready to take your stuff. She doesn’t know what time she’s getting in, so I can’t guarantee a time, but if you’re really eager to shift your stuff, then you can do it tonight.

But do you know what would be really helpful? If you could fill out this form so that you can literally just drop your stuff and run off to enjoy the rest of the con. It will really save both you as us a lot of time (although you will need to print it off before hand):

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