Looking to LARP at this year’s Conpulsion? Here’s this year’s selection:

A Council at Nikea

Saturday Afternoon

The Emperor has summoned his children, the Space Marine Primarchs, to a council, there to decide on a number of contentious issues. Ultimately, he plans to name one of them as Warmaster, new leader of the Great Crusade when he returns to Terra afterwards. “In the 30th Millenium the Emperor of Mankind has triumphantly led the Great Crusade from Terra out across the galaxy, bringing former human colonies into compliance with the new order. Along the way he has recovered his 18 children, the genetically engineered Primarchs, to lead the Space Marine Legions in the Crusade Fleets. It is a new start for humanity.

However, sibling rivalry and violent differences of opinion on a number of subjects have led to growing factions and rifts between the Primarchs. Their Legions, as ever, follow where their geneparents lead and the Imperial Army regiments are infected by association. In an attempt to bring his family back together, the Emperor has summoned them all to the planet of Nikea, to discuss and settle the various divisive topics. In addition, he plans to bestow the title of Warmaster on the one Primarch who will lead the Crusade after this, because the Emperor is going to return to Terra for the first time in decades, if not centuries.

A Council at Nikea is set in a slightly different timeline from the published Horus Heresy material, mainly to allow the inclusion of many of the triggers for the betrayal into the one event. To maintain elements of secrecy and surprise, the loyalty (or otherwise) of the Primarchs will be determined randomly and secretly at the start of the game. Likewise, to represent his inscrutable planning, the Emperor’s decision making will have a certain random element added on top of the opinions of his Primarchs.”

The Round Table Sunday Afternoon

Camelots enemy’s are coming and King Author must prepare for war. He calls a meeting of the knights of the round table and now you have arrived at this meeting to prepare for war. but there are a few problems… love-struck squires, magical hiccups, undercover agents and more will threaten to derail the entire ordeal.

Save Camelot, Save the people, Save the gold, Save yourself.