Saturday Afternoon RPGs

Running from 3pm-6pm. Carefully timed to let you get lunch and attend talks beforehand while still having time to get to the charity auction afterward. It’s almost like we plan these things!

Adam Prior will be running Dead Adventurers Walking using D&D. All seemed lost for the city of Libre. The forces of the Arch Necromancer Horus have been rampaging through the countryside for years growing stronger with each victory. Now all hope seems lost as the kings army has been crushed and the castle has been taken, surely it is only hours before the horde of undead will overrun the last bastion of freedom. There is only one glimmer of light in the darkness: a band of adventurers raised by the church of Life and given knowledge of a secret passage into the castle which should bypass most of the defences to allow them to assassinate Horus. It is a slim hope, but it’s the only one they have. The alternative is to become part of the army of the dead.
Phil Harris will be running Fly the Coop using a HomeBrew system. I’ve been a bloody rebel, a curt veteran and a farmer of information. I lived the past and walked the future, but it ends here tonight. Let me have my rest and finally let the lights burn out. But one place is left to return to, for one final time. Mars!

Vivek Santayana is running Chthulucene Dark: Cosmic Horror and Climate Catastrophe using a Cthulu Dark HomeBrew. This game is set in the ‘chthulucene’, or a geological epoch when all of our relationships with the wider environment are deeply embedded deeply within the ecosystem. The game uses the cosmic horror of the Cthulhu Dark system to explore how we can live whilst reconfiguring our relationship to this ecosystem. Players will play a crew of planetary settlers who are establishing the groundwork for a new human settlement. This is a rules-light game with a strong emphasis on narrative and the complex philosophical questions underlying it.

Martin Pickett is running The Free Men Of Mars using Manifold. On the southern edge of the Mars colony, Sir Clarence Fortesque-Smythe’s farmers are demanding freedom. With them stand the native Martian workers and the Great Green Martian Horde. Mayor Clemens sends her most trusted Sky Guard patrol to sort things out. Don’t let her down.

Richard Coates is running Hard Landing: research and rescue using Traveller 2nd ed. Having crash landed on the planet Tinath, the travellers are engaged by the Baroness Edda, to find a missing research party on the cold southern continent of Valeive. If successful she will pay for their ship repairs.

Neil Alexander is running The Jotunby Disappearances in D&D. People have been disappearing from the northern port of Jotunby. Various groups are concerned about this and it has been decided to employ a group of adventurers under the control of the City Guard. Now you have been searching the streets for a couple of days with no success. Suddenly, you hear sounds of a scuffle from around the corner. A mugging? A bar fight spilling out of the pub? Or something more sinister?

Jamie Prentice is running Necromancer Blues using Whitehack. After receiving news that an old friend of yours has died, you travel to their village for the funeral. But strange things seem to be happening, and the villagers are afraid of the night. Can you unravel the mystery and save the village? Whitehack is an OD&D clone with some interesting modern twists, and a particularly fun free-form magic system; knowledge of the system is not required. Old school gaming favours rulings over rules, and fast paced action. And yes, there will be undead!

David Donachie is running Stealing Death using InBetween. Long ago the ten warring Tribes were brought together under the rule of a single great Chief, a Queen. For the first time the mice of Under-Boiler, Many-Rivers, Conduit, and all the rest, knew peace from the constant conflict that had marred their lives. Now that peace is at risk. The Queen has died before the sacred day of Xmaz when a new Queen can be chosen, and the Tribes are ready to go to war once more. There is only one desperate answer, you must steal the Queen back from Death itself! The quickest, sneakiest, most cunning mice have been chosen. You have a single day, a mission, and no idea how it can be done!

But that’s not all, Tim Rapsin is running a game for ALL AGES: Superhero Space Adventure Quest Mission using 13th Age. The Confederation of Worlds (COW) has assembled a badass team of superheroes. Can they bring a plague of escaped supervillains to justice, foil the schemes of the devious Masters of Overkill (MoOk) and endure nigh-lethal levels of bad supervillain puns? The system this scenario uses is based on 13th Age, a crunchy, combat-heavy system which still leaves plenty of room for player creativity.