Saturday Evening RPGs

Running from 8pm-11pm. Get the matchsticks under the eyelids and show your fellow gamers what you are made of. You could even play something you bought earlier at the charity auction.

Victoria’s secret, Victoria’s Curse (Leagues of Gothic Horror)

GM: Dan Marriott

19th Century gothic horror

The Evil of Dr Kalbfleisch (My Life With Master) (Adult)

GM: Martin Pickett

You are the minions of Dr Kalbfleisch, bound to do his evil bidding. Unless someone can spark a flame of humanity in your heart. A horror story for My Life with Master.

Psilent Conspiracy (23rd Letter (ERIS)) (Adult)

GM: Stephen McMorland

In a world very like our own the secret factions of Psychic spies and freedom fighters play a deadly game of subterfuge and deception, who do you trust? Will you live to see tomorrow and who will be your killer? A game of paranoia and gritty Spy Noir with psychic abilities in the mix