Saturday Evening RPGs

Running from 8pm-11pm. Get the matchsticks under the eyelids and show your fellow gamers what you are made of. You could even play something you bought earlier at the charity auction.

Matthew Hambley will be running Outback Monkey Business using Feng Shui 2. The Australian outback has an attraction to addled Prog rockers “”Time Jester”” like few other things. As their support crew you have to babysit them through this hostile terrain. It’s just that you didn’t think it would be this hostile! And why are these crazy outback road warriors so interested in the band’s most normal member?

Christopher Doherty will be running Death comes for the Wild Wood using 13th Age. The Wild Wood, South East of the Dragon Empire seems to be dying. The High Druid has requested the aid of adventurers who, knowing the disdain the High Druid has for those who come from outside the Wild Wood, shows how dire circumstances have become. YOU, brave adventurer have answered the call to aid the High Druid in saving the ancient and sacred Wild Wood.

Fraser Hithcen will be running The Queen and the Stranger using Call of Cthulu 7E. In late 1928, an eccentric playwright unveils his latest creation to the crowds of New Orleans. After the play causes mass hysteria and outbreaks of violence, things only go further downhill as the supporting actress is found missing the following morning. It is left up to a group of amateur investigators to follow the clues, find the missing woman and unveil the timeless mysteries of the Yellow Sign.

Marek Atter will be running Defend Castle Crestfall using D&D. The kingdom has fallen. The lands are ravished by war. As the invading hordes storm through the west, Castle Crestfall becomes their final objective. Its defenders must prepare their last stand.
But for the night is dark and full of terrors (is that meme old enough now that I can start getting away with saying it again?)

The following are the adult only games that will be running as the sky becomes black:

Dan Marriott will be running Demons of Fetchborough using Leagues of Cthulu. The small village of Fetchborough in the wilds of Dorset is surrounded by many rumors of witchcrafts and devilry from ages past, but things have taken an alarming turn with a number of weird unexplained occurrences happening, you have been sent by your benefactor Lord Phantomhive to investigate these odd goings on.

Aaron Billingham will be running Fear No More using Gumshoe. Marcy was last seen outside a nightclub talking to a man with a ‘known history’. Half your group believes in the supernatural and the other half doesn’t; the one thing you all agree on: Marcy isn’t dead yet.

Stephen McMorland will be running Endless Days of Summer using Whispering Vault. A sleepy little village, where times seems to have stood still – literally. The Stalkers have come from Beyond the Veil to investigate this anomaly. A weird, horror where you play very strange beings.

Martin Pickett will be running Into The Dolls House using Fate. Edgar McAlistair says he is bringing back the dead. But do his Dolls really house the souls of the dearly departed? And can his secret keep you free of the Red-Haired Son? A roleplaying game in the world of Paul Shapera’s The Dolls of New Albion, a Steampunk Opera.