Saturday Morning RPGs

Not to be confused with Saturday Morning Cartoons. Running from 10am-1pm, get your convention off to a fine start with our morning games slot.

Different Worlds, Different Weapons (Silhouette)

GM: Aaron Billingham

The crew of a breached, crippled hospital ship must evade a hostile, unknown alien force in order to escape to safety. Each of the crew holds a different view of what they would do if they could get their hands on an alien soldier.

Climbing the Tower (Spire)

GM: Adam Prior

The Drow, once rulers of the land, are now a downtrodden underclass living in near slavery to the High Elves in the city known as spire. However some try to buck the system and rise to the heights. Can you climb the spire or will you fall?

Navigation (I Love the Corps)

GM: Christopher Dean

It is 2450. You’re recon pilots for a United Colonial Marine Corps Exploratory Division, exploring a hollow, damaged, alien vessel. Before any boots contact metal, the vessel needs to be mapped out, and any potential dangers flagged. That’s where you guys come in.

£rd Class coffin (Leagues of Gothic Horror)

GM: Dan Marriott

19th century gothic horror

All The Water On Mars (Manifold)

GM: Martin Pickett

Experienced and expendable Martian explorers wanted to survey the southern wastelands after the Great Flood. Must be willing to deal with the Great Green Martian Horde. Applications to Sky Guard Headquarters, Victoriana, Mars.

Storms In Vitrimar (5th Ed D&D (Hr’d))

GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe

A murder in glass and a dead prophet.

Blood on the Rails (Homebrew)

GM: Phil Harris

Sent back in time to investigate a murder. What could possibly go wrong?