Sunday Afternoon RPGs

Running from 3pm-6pm. You are on the home stretch now.

Alan Jackson will be running Dropzone. Remember Aliens. Those acid dripping monstrosities. The guns in the dark. The dying. Nope, thought not. You, and your team of fellow marines respond to an emergency on a remote terraforming planet and must save the day. Join the Colonial Marines! See the Galaxy!

Matthew Barrowcliff will be running Death Becomes Us in D&D. The God of Pestilence has come down to the world to infect and destroy all life. Now the hopes of the mortal world may rest with a few heroes prepared to lay down their lives and be raised as undead in order to face the Enemy.

Matthew Hambley will be running The Thefts of Melody’s Dizi using Feng Shui 2. Aging Prog band “”Time Jester”” are playing Adelaide and it’s going well, right up to the point when some tealeaf makes off with a family heirloom. As the band’s much put upon support crew you must walk a violent path of spent casings and pugilism to retrieve the missing instrument. A path which will lead you from the mirror glass towers of the Central Business District, through dirty backstreet dives and on to a glimpse of a forgotten future.

Vivek Santayana will be running Star Wars: Revenant Spectres using Blades in the Dark. Set shortly after the fall of the Empire, this game follows the Galaxy’s fraught transition into a democracy, and the shadow war between Imperial holdouts clinging to power and members of the old Rebellion who feel the fight is not yet fully won and take matters into their own hands.

Martin Pickett will be running The Dolls Of The Fathers using Fate. The Voodoopunks are running a dead man for mayor. The city is ready to explode. Franklin Wilson needs his grandfather’s Doll to get his hands on the family money. A game based on Paul Shapera’s The Dolls of New Albion, a Steampunk Opera.

Kevin White will be running Jail Break using Unknown Armies. It was not a quiet night: a sudden storm blew across the farmlands, bringing thunder and lightning. An old man and his wife looked out at the storm as it turned to hail. They discussed going to the cellar, deciding to do so only if the weather became more extreme. They did not listen to the radio, so they didn’t hear the news. They didn’t try to call anyone, so they didn’t know their phone lines had been cut. They did not know there had been a jailbreak. They did not know a guard had been taken hostage by four convicts, convicts who had then seized a van on the highway. Maybe the wife briefly saw a face at the window and dismissed it as a trick of the light and her own fancy. Maybe the husband squinted his aged eyes into the storm. But their dog was quiet, their house was secure from the storm and neither really suspected. They had no clue until they felt a cold draft from the direction of the back door, until they turned and saw a large man pointing a pistol at them. He was soaking wet, dressed in orange coveralls with “Surrey State Penitentiary” stenciled on the front and back. His eyes were wide but his voice was calm as he said “Do what we say and no one dies.” Then he looked over his shoulder and said “Icepick, bring in the others.”

Phil Edwards will be running Dynamite Dogs and the Hidden Temple of Man using Pugmire. The Royal Pioneers group Dynamite Dogs is looking for a new adventure, and they have heard tales of a long-lost temple belonging to Man in the mountains to the north of Pugmire. Only those seeking action and adventure (ok, and fame and fortune) sign up to be Royal Pioneers. A discovery like this would be life-changing!

The last child friendly game of the weekend is Tim Raspin’s, Superhero Space Adventure Quest Mission using 13th Age. The Confederation of Worlds (COW) has assembled a badass team of superheroes. Can they bring a plague of escaped supervillains to justice, foil the schemes of the devious Masters of Overkill (MoOk) and endure nigh-lethal levels of bad supervillain puns? The system this scenario uses is based on 13th Age, a crunchy, combat-heavy system which still leaves plenty of room for player creativity.

And the final adult only game is The Last Con run by Phil Harris in a HomeBrew system. Do you hear the sound of sixpence? It dropped when he was tricked, and pitter-pattered across the rain slicked streets, mixed with his blood. They say the dogs are loose and hunting the killers. Let’s hope they get the right ones, eh!