Sunday Afternoon RPGs

Running from 3pm-6pm. You are on the home stretch now.

Make Fear (Homebrew) (Adult)

GM: Phil Harris

Old Mother Hubbard simply ain’t the way she used to be. Now work out why people are dying of fear.

Pandora’s Box (I Love the Corps)

GM: Christopher Dean

It is 2450, and you are the Unstoppables, infantry veterans and propaganda darlings of the Corps. You awaken from stasis, with marines urging you to evacuate the base. But there are no lab techs. And why is the door blasted down? One way to find out!

Three Rivers (InBetween) (Child Friendly)

GM: David Donachie

The burrow of three rivers is under threat! Can your brave (or cowardly) mice find a way to save it, or will your nestmates be forced to pack up and brave the dangers of the Between to find another another place to live?

The Schooling of Tomomi: New Girl In Class (Manifold) (Child Friendly)

GM: Martin Pickett

The Princess of the Wind and the Earth is missing, hunted by Lord Blackstorm. Tomomi is new in school, all the kids want to be her friend. But the geography teacher dislikes her, and the hockey team won’t take no for an answer. An anime adventure for Manifold.

Always Coming Home (Homebrew)

GM: Stephen McMorland

When the crew of Earth’s first FTL exploration vessel got a call to return home fifty years into their hundred year mission the returnees returned to an Earth that had made first Contact with an advanced alien species, everything seems wonderful on the surface but they feel that something is off – is it just their imagination?

The Wreck of the Guiding Star (Starfinder)

GM: Steven Hannah

A derelict ship, a treasure trove of salvage.  Two names for the same thing.  Captain Graylan Stonebeard needs a crew to secure the ship and find out why it’s adrift in hyperspace.  You’re it.