Sunday Afternoon RPGs

Gotta get your gaming in now, it’s your last chance!
All games running from 15:00-18:00

Game: The Desothar Enigma
System: Starfinder RPG
GM: James L. Sutter

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: Starfinder run by it’s co-creator!

Longer Description: Let Starfinder co-creator James L. Sutter run you through a one-shot adventure! As a crew of interstellar mercenaries, your team must delve into an alien temple on the newly discovered world of Desothar in search of a valuable artifact. Yet you might not be the only ones vying for the prize…

*As this is a special charity game, we will be auctioning the spaces in it during the charity auction on Sunday evening*

Game: ReContact!
System: Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed
GM: Martin Pickett

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: A hidden research base in the asteroid fields, a research crew, and an unexpected arrival…

Longer Description: Skenta, 1032 Foreven. Interdicted for 400 years since a civil war destroyed the single habitable planet, killing nearly 3 billion sophonts in the process. To contain the threat, their neighbours destroyed every jump-capable ship in the system and retreated, wiping the databases of every mention of Skenta except a stark prohibition on contact. To this day the Skenta League and the Vilhet Open Alliance continue their bitter conflict through minor incidents and regrettable mistakes, each side maneuvering for advantage over the other.
On a lonely research base hidden in the asteroid fields, scientists seek to re-invent the jump drive, a weapon that would all but guarantee victory for the VOA. Unless the enemy get it first. And unless something else happens…

Game: Solipsist
System: Solipsist
GM: David Donachie

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: The world is a dream, and you are the dreamer, but something is turning it into a nightmare.

Longer Description: The world is nothing but an illusion created by dumb minds and the animacules that flock to them. A few people, Solipsists, can see beyond the illusion to force the world to obey their own rules. Alone, a Solipsist is a god, but when something else begins to shape the world into its own image, even a Solipsist must seek the aid of others.

Game: The Athena Club Investigates: The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
System: Modified Fate Accelerated
GM: Matthew Hambley

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Mild victorian gothic horror tropes. Late Victorian setting.

Short Hook: There are rumours of rum goings on at an archaeological dig site in Egypt. Luckily there are reliable monsters of substance who may be called upon in such a situation.

Longer Description: Can lady detective Mary Jekyll, her tear-away half-sister Diana Hyde, Poisonous girl Beatrice Rappaccini, Puma woman Catherine Moreau, Re-animated corpse Justine Frankenstein, Mesmeric house maid Alice and Neophyte vampire Lucinda Van Helsing get to the bottom of the case? You’d better hope so, the field of Egyptology depends on it.

Game: The Siege of Nexus City
System: Masks: a New Generation
GM: Pooka

Age Rating: Child Friendly

Trigger Warnings: Peril, superheroic violence

Short Hook: A city at the nexus of realities, protected by generations of superheroes, faces its greatest challenge yet. Your team of trainee heroes must work together to protect their home, and all of the multiverse!

Longer Description: Nexus City sits at the crossroads of all realities, a shining beacon to all heroes for generations. Enhanced individuals have flocked to the city, resulting in a colourful, volatile, and bustling metropolis.
You are a young superhero, a trainee in the shadow of your elders, desperate to prove yourself. When an overwhelming and existential threat to the city (and reality itself) appears, will you prove yourself worthy of your role as protector of the city?
Using Masks: a New Generation, The Siege of Nexus City will see us finding out if your heroes have what it takes to claim the mantles of their elders, or if they will doom the multiverse in their failure.

Game: The Sorrows of The Burning Oak
System: Nobilis 3rd Edition
GM: Stephen McMorland

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: Personifications of aspects of Creation battle abominations from Beyond to save reality

Longer Description: The Realm of The Burning Oak houses the Six Fire Lords and Ladies, Personifying different aspects of Fire, flames and Heat, both literal and metaphorical. A tragedy has led to a crisis within the Realm and as the Nobels or Nobilis in charge it is your responsibility to fix this before the Universe unravels and heat Death occurs.

Game: To Save A City
System: Superlatives
GM: Calum Kitching

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: The city of Opportunity has found itself trapped and a strange subterranean realm and needs some might heroes to come to its rescue.

Longer Description: After a particularly dramatic superbattle the city of Opportunity has found itself in an awkward position- trapped in a sea of magma deep beneath the Earth. Now its heroes must find a way to either adapt to their new circumstances or return to the surface. However they face many obstacles: an empire of newt people, displaced demons and the supervillains who fell with them, among others.

Game: Twinned With Darkness
System: Darkness Fading
GM: Duncan McNulty

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Child Mortality, Drugs, Sex, Torture

Short Hook: The characters wake up in the aftermath of a massacre with no idea of how they got there; in fact, no memories at all. Other than the dead the bare wooden room is empty and still. Who are they? What happened here? What does it all mean?

Longer Description: Darkness Fading is primarily a game about light. In the centre of the Enlightened Lands lies the Luminescence; a giant ball of burning energy that is the source of all light and heat. Surrounded by mountains inhabited by monks who study it, the Luminescence sheds its lights across the terrain penetrating all solid objects. There is no escaping the light as it passes through walls and shadows are unknown. However, with distance, it dims till finally it gives way to the darkness that surrounds the Enlightened Lands on all sides. Whilst currently under development by Nanuk Ambitions, Darkness Fading is due for release in 2022. It is a setting with elements of both high and low fantasy that brings a unique twist to the genre. Using a combination of dice and beads for its mechanics, the system encourages dynamic combat, functional magic and quick skill resolution. This is your chance to get an early play and find out what it is all about. As for this scenario … anything I tell you would just ruin your fun!

Game: The Old Lady and her Lost Cats
System: Pathfinder
GM: Eloise Rennie

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: None
Short Hook: You are on a mission to find all the cats in the land and give them back to the kind old lady who lives in the woods.Longer Description: You emerge from the woods to see a lovely plot of land with a lake and a cabin. Outside the cabin is an old lady looking for her lost cats! Will you help her?

Game: Let him lie in foulness
System: Call of Cthulhu 7th edition
GM: James Holloway

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Although the content of the game is PG-13, it does include violence and refers to (without centring or endorsing) the sexism and other prejudices of 10th-century society.

Short Hook: Sent on a routine mission to a remote community, a group of early medieval characters discover that not all is well in the village. Have the sins of the villagers’ pasts caught up with them? Or is something else behind the strange happenings?

Longer Description: This game will use the new Cthulhu Dark Ages rules from Chaosium, but no prior knowledge of the rules should be required to play. The scenario is set in England during the 10th century and focuses on social investigation and the horror of isolation. Pre-generated characters and everything else you need to play will be provided.