Sunday Morning RPGs

Running from 10am-2pm. At 4 hours this is a slightly longer slot than our other game slots, and as such there are a variety of wonderful things you can do. Four hour RPG – check, Two 2 hour games – check, turn up hungover at 12 noon and still get to play – check.

Of a Cold Mind (Homebrew) (Adult)    

GM: Phil Harris

Who can you trust in the asylum? Can you even trust yourself?

When All Else Fails (Hollow Earth Expedition)

GM: Aaron Billingham

Four undercover agents gather to make a final plan. Within hours a secret society known only as The Builders will have taken control of the city. Time is running out and action is needed; but after tea of course. Gentleperson Steampunk adventure in an altverse Victorian London.

The Midnight Watch (Is It a Plane!?) (4 Hour Game)

GM: Christopher Dean

The Midnight Watchman is dead. You have received a letter calling you to his secret HQ. His arch-nemesis, The Countess, has been spying for the Nazis. The Watchman died recovering the evidence. Can you raid the Countess’s manor and recover the evidence during a big party? A noir superhero adventure.

Retirement plans (Coriolis: – The Third Horizon)

GM: Dan Marriott

Arabian nights in space

The Free Men Of Mars (Manifold) (4 Hour Game)

GM: Martin Pickett

Sir Clarence Fortesque-Smythe’s tenant farmers have thrown out his overseers and are demanding their freedom. With them stand the native Martian workers and the threat of the Great Green Martian Horde. Mayor Clemens has sent her most trusted Sky Guard patrol to sort things out. Don’t let her down.

The Remnant  (Beautiful Anomalies )

GM: Matthew Knighton

A game of buried secrets on the edge of space