A run down of the event’s timeline. Want to know where your game will be? Scroll to the games schedule below.

Event Timeline


Time –
12:00Sunday SocialThe Library Bar
Most of the day Turning Point 1777 – PlaytestingThe Lobby
13:00Sunday Afternoon Role PlayingThe Loft Bar
17:15Interview: Luke Westaway – ScreeningThe Middle Reading Room
18:00Live Q&A: Luke WestawayThe Middle Reading Room
18:30ClosingThe Middle Reading Room  


Friday is gone, but here’s what you missed.

Time –
18:50Event Space OpensGather Town
19:00Opening AddressThe Debating Hall
19:05Friday Night SocialisingThe Library Bar
19:10  Interview: Brian Tyrrell – ScreeningThe Middle Reading Room
19:40Live Q&A: Brian TyrrellThe Middle Reading Room
20:30The Pub QuizThe Teviot Lounge
22:30Close for the dayAll  


Time –
12:00 – CloseSaturday SocialThe Library Bar
Most of the dayTurning Point 1777 – PlaytestingThe Lobby
13:00 – 17:00Saturday Afternoon Role PlayingThe Loft Bar
17:30 – 18:30Charity AuctionThe Debating Hall
19:30Saturday Evening Role PlayingThe Loft Bar
23:30Close for the dayAll  

RPGs Schedule

Saturday Afternoon

The Loft Bar

Table 1 – For the Honour of Grayskull -Cancelled

Table 2 – Federal Bureau of Control

Table 3 – The Book that was Lost in the Dark

Table 4 – Clever Girls

Table 5 – Dragonshard Heist

Table 6 – Dropzone

Saturday Evening

The Loft Bar

Table 1 – Return to Cripple Creek

Sunday Afternoon

Table 1 – Masks of Grayskull

Table 2 – Return of the Necronomicon

Table 3 – In Search of the Jedi

Table 4 – Trials of The Golden Immortal

Table 5 – The Lost Beast

Table 6 – Defenders of the Pact: – The voice of the stars