Charity Auction

Ah, the Conpulsion charity auction. I remember my first one. Everyone said I had to go to the auction and when I pointed out that I was a student with the disposable income of, well, a student, they said that didn’t matter. If you want to go and buy stuff, great, there’s always a bit of art, some really good deals and unique Conpulsion mementos and collectibles. But mostly, you go for the drama. Watch as two people bitterly fight over the right to own a pink T-Shirt, pushing the boundaries of what is financially advisable in today’s economic climate, before immediately grabbing a house-moving box of board games for yourself for £15. And the best thing of all? It’s all for charity! It’s brutal, cut-throat, competitive niceness! What’s not to love?

That’s all on the Saturday after the RPG session.

3-D Printed Griffins

There will be five 3D prints based on this years Griffie up for grabs. Four unpainted, and one fully painted, plus a pink Griffie. UK postage is already covered.

Signed Copies of “In the Red”

One of the guests for Conpulsion this year, Brian Tyrrell, has kindly agreed to donate three signed copies of his book In the Red as prizes for the Charity Auction this year. UK Postage covered.

Place in a One-Shot from Dicebreaker GM

One of the prizes on offer is one of five places in a one-shot game GMed by Johnny Chiodini from Dicebreaker!

Cthulhu Placemats

Four Purple Placemats Embroidered with Cthulhu

Four purple fabric placemats, embroidered with everyone’s favourite Great Old One. Postage to UK addresses covered.

Embroidered Hoodie

A Green hoodie in small embroidered with Great Cthulhu. Postage to UK addresses covered.

Embroidered Cat and Witches Hat Earrings

Cute witches hat and black cat earrings. UK postage covered.

Knitted Cowl – In Colour of Choice

Knitted cowl – buyer chooses colour from my (the knitter’s) stash. This is a neck scarf made from 400m of yarn and may or may not contain 200-400 beads, depending on bid level. Comes from a house with a helpful cat.

Signed Copies – The Drowning Land By David Donachie

Signed by the author, misprints, minor errors and all. The limited edition first printing. 3 copies