Cover image featuring a picture of In the Red by Brian Tyrrell, the Edinburgh Women's Aid logo, and Conpulsion details. Conpulsion will be held online between 9 and 11 April. The web site is

Earlier this week, we began announcing prizes for our charity auctions in aid of Edinburgh Women’s Aid. We are delighted to announce another prize.

One of the guests for Conpulsion this year, Brian Tyrrell, has kindly agreed to donate three signed copies of his book In the Red as prizes for the Charity Auction this year.

Brian Tyrrell is a writer, illustrator, and game designer who is the Art Director for Dungeons on a Dime, a publishing imprint that supports independent game creators and strives to make the hobby of tabletop role-playing more accessible. Brian has illustrated and written the eponymous zine titled Dungeons on a Dime. He has recently published In the Red, a book of adventures and advice to support new and experienced GMs alike. He has also designed a rules-light game called Adventures on a Dime, as well as a fortune-telling RPG called Vice and Virtue. His current project is Scurry, a system for 1-2 hour adventures as tiny beasts in a massive forest, long abandoned by humans. This is set in the world of Beast Fables, a live show Brian runs with his friends for Roll20. We are grateful to Brian for agreeing to participate in the Convention, as well as his support in our effort to raise money for Edinburgh Women’s Aid.

If you would like to try and win a copy of In the Red, why not come along to our Charity Auction. You can buy tickets for the Con via Helm. Conpulsion 2021 will be held on-line between 9 and 11 April. We hope to ‘see’ you there!