Murphy’s Vault is a tabletop gaming store in Edinburgh, Scotland which focuses on a commuity-driven gaming experience for TCGs, RPGS, Wargaming and Board Games. They’ve hosted some of the largest MTG events in Scotland and support social media communities of over 800 local players over the last 4 years.

Hadiwork Games is a Scottish tabletop games publisher, owned by industry veteran Jon Hodgson. Handiwork Games make and publish their own games, as well as providing full-spectrum production services for other publishers.

Handiwork Games is currently working on BEOWULF, a setting for D&D 5th Edition, Hellenistika with renowned rpg writer extraordinaire Ken Hite, Scarred Lands Creature Collection for Onyx Path Publishing and The Forest Dragon Card Games.

Mark McKinnon will be bringing his post apocalyptic vehicle (and dinosaur) combat game Wreck and Ruin to the demo and traders halls. The game is for 2-4 players, and gives you the opportunity to destroy your opponents through complete vehicle carnage as you battle against other drivers and even the world itself to survive one more day. Occupy salvage sites and defend them against your enemies to collect points and resources- cards that boost your vehicles or allow you to disrupt your opponents plans during their turn!

YAY games are BRINGING THE FUN! The makers of Ominoes, Frankenstein’s Bodies and Snaggit return to Conpulsion this year with their new game (or should I say, gameS): Games for the deep, dark wood, the official game of The Gruffalo!

Dungeons on a Dime is a opening worlds for everyone, one adventure at a time. DOAD is magazine that aims to make role-playing games accessible through affordable, easy to use resources, with inclusively written characters and open-ended stories. Featuring work from entry level artists, every book is full of guidance and advice for new game masters, and custom resources for experienced players.

Angus Barker is an illustrator based in Edinburgh, a runner up in the Kelpie Prize 2019 and the creator of this year’s Conpulsion logo. He take commissions of all kinds but most of his work concerns fantasy, sci-fi, folklore and fairytales. He illustrate books, comics, cards, all sorts. Check out his work on Instagram @anguspbarker.illustration

Adam Howie is an Edinburgh based artist and gamer. His artwork ranges from the abstract to fantasy in a variety of mediums, including recently resin sculptures. He also do on the day artworks at conventions. But don’t let our measly words convince you that he’s great, here’s his website so his art can do the talking for him

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