For the first time ever, this year Conpulsion will be host to an experimental new megagame on Friday night.

Game: God Wills It! Or Does He? A Megagame on the First Crusade
Session: Friday Evening (19:00 – 22:30)
GM: Edinburgh University History and Games Network

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Religion, crusading

Short Hook: In this experimental Megagame you can re-enact the First Crusade by impersonating one of its leaders, including Crusaders, Muslims, Byzantines, and Armenians.

Longer Description:

In 1096 an unprecedented force of armed pilgrims came out of the West and, after crossing the Balkans and Anatolia, its conquest of Jerusalem in 1099 influenced the course of history to this day. In this game you can re-enact that event by playing as one of its leaders, allies or enemies.

The game will feature not only crusaders, but also Byzantine Greeks, Armenians, and Muslims. They will initially form very loose teams but their individual members will not necessarily have the same goals, and sometimes they will have competing ones. Every leader will be autonomous and will be able to strike their own deals and create alliances, even across religious and cultural divides.

A Megagame mixes elements of role-playing games, tabletop games, LARPs and wargames. The premises are historical ones, but there is no requirement to follow the historical events, or to have a strong grasp of how things unfolded in the real world. Participants must show cunning, diplomacy and determination to survive the plans of their enemies or, even worse, those of their scheming allies!