Live action Role Play is just as much a part of Conpulsion’s history as tabletop RPGs and board games are. This year we have the below running!

Saturday Morning (11am – 2pm):

Game: Call of The Cuckoo
System: The Cuckoos Nest
GM: Ewan Taylor
Age Rating: Adult Only (ages 16+)
Maximum Players: 20
Short Description: Oh to be a King!
The leaders of the Nations of the Accord are facing a difficult choice, With the Scourge invasion a thing of the past by only 3 yrs people are desperate for looking to the future & a return to normal. Can you be part of bringing the world back to rights.
Long Description: The King of Ilac is young but very strong willed. Fiercely loyal to his Country with ideas of control akin to that of Ilac of old. The accord is a very different place now with The Dutchey of Archion a nation not out for power above all else. The leaders and diplomats of the nations of the accord are meeting to come up with a solution as to the nation that will lead the accord & how best to deal with things. Castann, Saurupsidia, Ilac, The Dutchey of Archion, Drengfold, The Delves, Cinnea, The Wastes & The Archipeligo.
You will be one of the Diplomats for the nations coming together to decide on the makeup of the council of nations and who should lead the New Accord going forward. Who will lead the Accord in the future.
Trigger Warnings: Slaves – mentioned but not enacted. Physical Assault – mentioned but not enacted. Physical Combat – we are a Physical contact LARP group & recreational combat with safe weapons is part of our normal activity.

Saturday Afternoon (3pm – 6pm)

Game: A Council at Nikea
System: Homebrew
GM: Roderick Easton
Age Rating: Adult Only (ages 16+)
Maximum Players: 18
Long Description: A Council at Nikea is set in a slightly different timeline from the published Horus Heresy material, mainly to allow the inclusion of many of the triggers for the betrayal into the one event. To maintain elements of secrecy and surprise, the loyalty (or otherwise) of the Primarchs will be determined randomly and secretly at the start of the game. Likewise, to represent his inscrutable planning, the Emperor’s decision making will have a certain random element added on top of the opinions of his Primarchs.
In this game you will be given the chance to play one of the larger-than-life figures from the history of Warhammer 40,000. Luckily, everyone will be playing 9′ tall gods of war, so there is not a need to try to represent the physical proportions of the characters.
If you pre-register, you can give your top 3 preferences for Character, which I will try to accommodate as much as possible.
Trigger Warnings: Violence, demons, over the top masculinity