Inter/National Connections in TTRPGs: Scotland and the World

Maroon banner for the event with the event title 'Inter/National Connections in TTRPGs: Scotland and the World', along with portraits of each of the panellists, and the date and time of the event (Saturday 9 April 2022, 1 pm BST, 12 pm UTC)

This panel celebrates the table-top role-playing scene in different parts of the world, Latin America, India, Scotland, and South-East Asia. We bring together people who make games, people who play games, and people who build communities from around the world to spotlight the vibrancy of these communities, talk about the challenges they face, and explore opportunities for exchange and solidarity.

We hope to reflect on how we as a Scottish gaming scene relate to gaming communities the world over, what issues manifest in gaming and publishing in the global south, and how we can grow with these international connections.

The panel will be live streamed on the Geas Twitch channel:
on Saturday, 9 April, 2022, at
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 1 pm BST (UTC +1)
🇧🇷 9 am BRT ( UTC -3)
🇮🇳 5:30 pm IST (UTC +5:30)
🇵🇭 8 pm PHT (UTC +8)

The event will also feature a live Q&A with the panellists via the Twitch chat.

The Panellists

Indrani Ganguly (she/her)

Portrait of Indrani Ganguly
Indrani Ganguly

Indrani is a tabletop community organiser and artisan dice maker from Mumbai. She has founded Nonagon Dice, India’s first and only dice and TTRPG accessories shop. She has also co-founded Desis & Dragons, the biggest on-line TTRPG community in India. She is part of the Desis & Dragons actual play series The Broken Twelve on YouTube, and frequently presents their series Cast Friendship, featuring interviews of prominent creatives in the TTRPG scene.

Web Site:

Nonagon Dice
Twitter: @nonagondice
Instagram: @nonagondice

Desis & Dragons
Twitter: @DesisNDragons
Instagram: @DesisNDragons

momatoes (she/her)

Portrait of momatoes

momatoes, also known as Bianca Canoza, is a game and visual designer from the Philippines. Her works include ARC, a Polygon and Dicebreaker-acclaimed fantasy RPG about slaying the apocalypse; The Magus, a solo journaling game on the cost of  arcane mastery, and her favorite Capybara Capers, about a team of elite capybaras trying to steal the Awesome Lemon. . Besides her own work, momatoes also manages Across RPGSEA, a platform to promote  the depth of RPG creativity in South-East Asia. The website now features more than 75 games from over 8 countries.

Web Site:
Twitter: @momatoes


Across RPGSEA:

Wendi Yu (she/they)

Portrait of Wendi Yiu
Wendi Yu

Wendi is a writer, game designer, translator, and editor from Northeast Brazil. Her work includes Marvelous Mutations & Merry Musicians, a game about travelling mutant musicians touring through a post-apocalyptic world, and Apotheosis Janitors, a game about the members of a sect who clean up the evidence of their deity’s mortal origins. More recently, she has been involved in the LATAM Breakout project by SoulMuppet, which funded new games by emerging designers from Latin America, including her newest game here, there, be monsters!, an explicitly queer, antifascist and anti-capitalist take on Urban Fantasy and monster hunting that portrays the monstrous and the weird as something to be cherished and protected.

Web Site:
Twitter: @wen_di_yu

LATAM Breakout:

Yubi (they/them)

Portrait of Yubi

Yubi is a queer, disabled TTRPG writer and accessibility consultant based in Scotland. They have contributed to the ENNIE-Award-Winning feminist Uncaged Anthology, written for Heckna while continuing to work with Hit Point Press, and have co-written the accessibility course for The Storytelling Collective. They have also worked on accessible documents for a wide range of projects, including Orbital Blues and Just Desserts. They currently work full time in the industry and are an activist for inclusivity and accessibility in table-top gaming, focusing on digital accessibility for screen readers and other assistive technologies. In addition, they also GM the TTRPG actual play podcast The Mortal Path.

Itch Store:
Twitter: @uzbadyubi

Uncaged Volume 3:–Volume-III

You can stream the event live on the Geas Twitch Channel, Viewers can also take part in a live Q&A with the panellists via the Twitch chat. During the event, we will be collecting donations for our partner charity, Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts. You can read more information about the charity on the Charity page.