Saturday Evening RPGs

It’s the evening of the first day, you’ve had a long and exciting day.  But it’s not over yet…
All games will be running from 19:30 to 23:30

A red semi-transparent D4 set to a 2

Game: Return to Cripple Creek
System: Hounds on the Hunt
GM: Joe Prince

Game Location – The Loft Bar Table 1

Age Rating: Neutral

Content Warnings: Colonialism. And you might get eaten by a bear?

Short Hook: Time to posse up – the Gilbert gang have been spotted near Cripple Creek. You’ve a bounty to collect and a score to settle. A card based Western RPG. This will be a world exclusive ruleset

Longer Description:

…”I ain’t seen nuthin’” the bartender mutters, but he can’t meet your gaze. You know he’s holding out.
The whole atmosphere went frosty when you mentioned the Gilberts. The regulars shift uneasily as your stare hardens.
“Look fellas, I don’t want no trouble, I need you to leave this establishment now.”
His eyes flick to something under the bar…

What do you do?

Play bounty hunters in the Wild West that ne’er was.
Posse up to take down infamous outlaws.

The Gilbert gang are headed to Cripple Creek.
You’ve a bounty to collect and a score to settle…

Hounds on the Hunt is a Western themed RPG using playing cards (useful if you have a deck to hand). The game delivers rising tension in conflicts, drawing on ideas from the Dogs in the Vineyard RPG.