Saturday Evening RPGs

It’s the evening of the first day, you’ve had a long and exciting day.  But it’s not over yet…
All games will be running from 20:00-23:00


Game: Flames of the Warp
System: FATE Core
GM: Dan Marriott

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: Violence, xenophobia, blood and gore, horror

Short Hook: A Deathwatch FATE core hack

Longer Description: The Jericho Reach a sector of space patrolled by the Deathwatch, a burst of warp energy and a ship drifts out of the warp broadcasting a distress call but the transmission code is severely out of date. The Flames of the Warp disappeared during the Horus Heresy but it has recently returned however it is close to ork space. Your mission: get aboard, find out what happened to the crew and report back, easier said than done right?

Game: The Doll Breakers
System: Dolls of New Albion (Fate)
GM: Martin Pickett

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: Death, necromancy, police brutality

Short Hook: Suppress the death-worshipers, hunt down the death cultists, try to forget your humanity…

Longer Description: New Albion, a city under martial law. In the twenty years since the Doll Riots and The Purges, ownership of a Doll, a life-size animated mannequin housing the soul of a dead person, has become a crime punishable by death. As is membership of the subversive death cult known as the Voodoopunks, the drug-using religious fanatics who triggered the Doll Riots. In fact, anything that might suggest a connection with or sympathy for either is likely to see you disappeared by the armed squads that police the city.
It’s just another routine day for Squad 422. Kick down the doors of some suspected death-worshipers, destroy any contraband you find and incarcerate or execute those responsible. Then you start hearing rumours about a Doll find, called in by the owner herself. Something went wrong, one of the Squad sent to deal with it disobeyed orders and was dragged away under arrest. And people have started talking about old fashioned concepts like ‘love’, ‘justice’ and ‘freedom’.
A game of Steampunk adventure, based on Paul Shapera’s The Dolls of New Albion, a Steampunk Opera.

Game: The Inspiring Flame
System: Agone
GM: Stephen McMorland

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: The Twilight Realms is under threat from a Dark God and The Lady of Autumn needs to be free to save the world – as one of the Inspired that is your job. Can you do the impossible? Why not, you’ve done it before.

Longer Description: In Agone you play older , semi retired adventurers in a game inspired by a unique French series of novels about a magical realm, cursed by The Masque, magic comes from The Arts or from using cute wee critters as mana fuel, Giants, Medusae and spriggans are amongst the playable races and there is a world of intrigue and betrayal to navigate. A Dark, Baroque Fantasy.