Saturday Morning RPGs

It’s the first morning of the con, let’s get gaming!
All games running from 10:00-13:00

Game: Everyone is John
System: Everyone is John
GM: Rowan Edmunds

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Mental health issues are a key theme due to the nature of the game.

Short Hook: John is a dangerously unstable person who has been released from an insane asylum. He has voices in his head that control him and get him to complete various tasks. You are those voices.

Longer Description: As the voices in Johns head you each have to compete to cause John to complete basic everyday tasks and extraordinary feats for points. Unfortunately John is terrible at everything and you can only help so much.
As players in this game you will each be presented with a hard task and an easy task for John to complete for you to win and two specialities: one mundane and one extraordinary. You will have 10 willpower that you use to bet to decide who controls John’s next action. The success of the action will be determined by the roll of a dice with the task being easier with more willpower or skill applied.
You will be asked to contribute task and skill ideas to the skill/ task pool.
As a GM I will be describing the actions of John, keeping track of willpower usage and determining if the conditions for a task or skill usage are met. I will also be regulating task difficulties.

Game: Half fey for leather
System: One Dice Urban fantasy
GM: Dan Marriott

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Drus, violence, guns and other criminal themes

Short Hook: A Sons of Anarchy themed game with a hint of the supernatural

Game: Hell Pirates
System: 13th Age
GM: Tim Raspin

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Satanic imagery, mild comedic descriptions of torture

Short Hook: Weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen and get ready to sail the seas of flame and do battle with demons and damned souls!

Longer Description: Gather ‘round maties! You are the crew of the Burning Maiden, a ship of sinners cursed to sail the fiery seas of the seventh circle of Hell for all eternity. Or at least you were. Now you’ve been offered a way to escape- so weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen, prepare your most ridiculous pirate accent and get ready to do battle with demons and damned souls in your search for the only treasure in all the underworld great enough to buy your way out so that you may terrorize and plunder the lands of the living once again!
This game uses 13th Age, a crunchy, combat heavy system which still leaves plenty of room for player creativity.

Game: Locked In
System: D&D 5th ed (modern setting)
GM: Kay Gillespie

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Mild blood & gore

Short Hook: Trapped in a supermarket overnight, surviving until morning should be simple, right?

Longer Description: You and a handful of other people find yourselves trapped in a supermarket after closing. It shouldn’t be too hard to either find a way out or survive until morning. You’re definitely alone in here… aren’t you?

Game: Night City Network News, Special Report: Something Rotten at St.Welness Clinic
System: Cyberpunk 2020
GM: Matthew Hambley

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: This is traditional 80s/90s cyberpunk with at least some of what that entails.

Short Hook: Night City Network News’ only investigative reporting team brave the streets slick with rain and neon in pursuit of the big story.

Longer Description: Advertisers pay for eye-balls and nothing attracts eye-balls like a juicy scandal. That is why Night City Network have recently formed an investigative journalism team. Your position is a precarious one though: The corporations (including NCN itself) will silence you if you become an embarrassment. Will the goings on at St. Wellness Clinic create that embarrassment?

Game: Princess Noreena’s Hats
System: The Princess Bride
GM: Martin Pickett

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: Smuggle hats to Guilder! Don’t get caught!

Longer Description: Tensions are running high between Florin and Guilder, Prince Humperdinck’s ships shutting down all official trade between the two neighbouring countries. This leaves many opportunities for enterprising private individuals to supply the demand.

Short on money and goodwill (as usual), you have a chance to earn both. All you have to do, according to your employer, is simply transport some hats from Florin to Princess Noreena, ruler of Guilder. Simple, no?

Game: The Debt [Lonely Stars]
System: TSS (That Simple System)
GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Crippling Debt, The Mob, Kneecap Breaking Threats

Short Hook: Out of money and in debt, your life in the stars will be over unless you can sort out a debt. Fortunately your previous purser is dead, unfortunately you cargo is still full of what he bought as “good deals”.

Longer Description: So, you need one hundred thousand credits for vital repairs, and two hundred thousand to pay off your loans. You are have enough fuel for three hops and your cargo is full of useless junk, mainly bobbly-headed dolls, freeze dried beagles, inflatable globes (for various planets), box sets of Mythica DVDs and novelty tourist keyrings for Anchorage Prime. All you have to do is get something decent in your hold, get the repairs done and pay off the mob. Should be easy.

Game: Towering Inferno
System: Shadowrun
GM: Adam Prior

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Fire

Short Hook: Inferno Heights, the latest skyscraper in Seattle, still under construction but standing over a kilometre in height already a wonder of the city’s skyline. A wonder of technological achievement. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone paid a bunch of runners to burn it down? Profitable though, eh, chummer?

Longer Description: Inferno Heights, the latest skyscraper in Seattle, still under construction but standing over a kilometre in height already a wonder of the city’s skyline. A wonder of technological achievement where the rich can live and thumb their noses at the unwashed masses below.
Looks like not all those rich folks get along all that well as someone with a whole lot of Nuyen are paying you and your disreputable friends to break in and sabotage the fire prevention system so that if (when) an accident happens the whole place will go up like a bonfire.
Still it’s not like the place is going to be undefended even when it’s just a glorified building site. You’ve heard it’s got a state of the art security system almost entirely automated. You’ve heard whispers that they might even have a caged AI on site, not that there’s ever been a problem with one of those running a building in Seattle.
Still you’ve all got your own edges, you should be up to the challenge and Mr Johnson is paying you enough so you can sit pretty for the rest of your life if you manage to pull it off.
Run using a simplified version of Shadowrun 6th edition.

Game: Trouble ‘t Mill
System: 5e Ebberon
GM: Richard Coates

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Macabre theme

Short Hook: Intrepid private investigators uncover macabre goings-on of a rogue House Cannith industrialist.

Longer Description: A Dickensian style noir Steampunk adventure set the city of Sharn, a city of shining skyscrapers and festering slums. You scratch a living as private investigators. You have been offered a highly lucrative but dangerous contract to uncover the illegal use of magical technology by a prominent House Cannith industrialist. Start by finding out why his locked out workers are rioting.

Game: Unsafe Harbour
System: Homebrew
GM: Ben Newbon

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: Crime

Short Hook: Super simple, quick and fun gameplay – no experience necessary. Play private security in a near-future cyberpunk-ish world and complete important missions for your “benevolent overlords”.Longer Description: An important shipment has been impounded and needs immediate retrieval. Choose whatever skills and gear you can imagine and use whatever tactics you can come up with to get into the harbour, locate the packages and get them out without causing your corporation a PR nightmare.

Game: Let him lie in foulness
System: Call of Cthulhu 7th edition
GM: James Holloway

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Although the content of the game is PG-13, it does include violence and refers to (without centring or endorsing) the sexism and other prejudices of 10th-century society.

Short Hook: Sent on a routine mission to a remote community, a group of early medieval characters discover that not all is well in the village. Have the sins of the villagers’ pasts caught up with them? Or is something else behind the strange happenings?

Longer Description: This game will use the new Cthulhu Dark Ages rules from Chaosium, but no prior knowledge of the rules should be required to play. The scenario is set in England during the 10th century and focuses on social investigation and the horror of isolation. Pre-generated characters and everything else you need to play will be provided.