Sunday Afternoon RPGs

Gotta get your gaming in now, it’s your last chance!

Games will run from 13:00 to 17:00

a set of polyhedral dice on top of a picture of an archer who looks female and elvish

Game: Masks of Grayskull
System: Masks: a New Generation
GM: Vivek Santayana (He/Him)

Game Location – The Loft Bar Table 1

Age Rating: 13+

Content Warnings: Romance. Themes of colonialism.

Short Hook: Based on Dreamworks’ She Ra and the Princess of Power. Play Princesses of Power who fight to Safe Etheria from the invasion of the Evil Legion. This game will use a system focussing on superheroes. We must be strong!

Longer Description:

Based on Dreamworks’ She Ra and the Princess of Power cartoon, players will be play Princesses of Power in their fight against the invasion of the Evil Legion. This will be set some centuries after the events of the cartoon, with a new generation of Princesses and She Ra. Players will play members of the Rebellion, denizens of the various Etherian Kingdoms, the Wilds, or conflicted members of the Legion who band together to repel the Dark Lord’s invasion. Will they save Etheria, or will its magic and infinite power fall into the hands of darkness and evil?

This will use a rules-light, improvisational, Powered by the Apocalypse game system called Masks, which is about teenage superheroes. The story will be highly collaborative and improvisational, with players and the GM working together to create the setting and conflicts.

Vivek is running two games with the same game concept this weekend with two different systems.

Game: Return of the Necronomicon
System: Monster of the Week
GM: Zain Khawar

Game Location – The Loft Bar Table 2

Age Rating: Neutral

Content Warnings: Death, Murder, Some Possible Gore

Short Hook: Tales of the infamous Book of the Dead have spread throughout history. Now, it’s turned up at your university library! What will you do? What choices will you make? Who will you bring back?

Longer Description: The Necronomicon was always considered to be a myth throughout time, until your lecturer sent out a pdf of this infamous book as required reading material! You’ve all lost someone close to you and now… you have the means to change things. Raise the dead? Control the living? It’s up to you! The power of life and death is up to you! But beware, some THINGS in the dark may not look to kindly to humans having such power…

Game: In Search of the Jedi
System: Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion
GM: Richard Coates

Game Location – The Loft Bar Table 3

Age Rating: Neutral

Content Warnings: Some minor horror content.

Short Hook: The Rebel Alliance are looking for a mystery Jedi who may assist them. She was mentor to one of your party and was last rumoured to be on the planet Teagan investigating a secret Imperial Project.

Longer Description: General Cracken shows you into the briefing room. “You may be aware, team, of the recent droid insurrection on our frigate Shadow Raptor. The team who quelled that rebellion are now convalesci… er relaxing baseside. That is not the end of the matter, by no means. We need a team to find out what caused the droids to rebel and to apprehend the pirate scum who sold us the droids for they are surely imperial sympathisers.” At this point an aide interjects “ We can’t be sure of that general, Shyndi Oglerk and Kog may have been duped by Imperial agents.” “ If you say so, Ashadi,” retorts the General glancing at the Diplomat. Either way we need them, alive if possible but dead will do if that cannot be managed.”
“Their last known location was the planet Teagan which as you know, “ he looks at Mystic was where your Sephira, your mentor is known to have gone. I doubt it but she may need rescuing. I doubt it but at least find out what she is up to: she is a law unto herself.

Game: Trials of The Golden Immortal
System: Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blade
GM: Stephen McMorland

Game Location – The Loft Bar Table 4

Age Rating: Adult Only

Content Warnings: Possible violence, cinematic in nature, no gore

Short Hook: Wuxia action in a fictitious Ancient China – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on Sterioids

Longer Description: You are five of the greatest masters in the Jianghu world, once every hundred years the legendary Martial Arts master The Golden Immortal opens his doors to teams of challengers for a no holds barred competition between the best of the best, the prize – The Legendary Manual of The Golden Immortal, secret Kung Fu techniques are to be found within, which when properly applied can make you an Immortal, can you and your friends defeat the others to win the ultimate prize?

Game: The Lost Beast
System: InBetween
GM: David Donachie

Game Location – The Loft Bar Table 5

Age Rating: Child Friendly

Content Warnings: None

Short Hook: The nest is alive with rumours and alarm. Scrounging mice report strange smells in the Between, some sort of beast is at large!

Longer Description:

Three Rivers Tribe is in turmoil. Mice ranging out from the nest to forage have reported strange smells and terrifying noises in the darkness of the Between. Something is at large in the familiar hunting grounds, and nomouse knows what! Something must be done, but no one knows what.

The Lost Beast is an introductory adventure for the InBetween RPG (think mice meet the borrowers). It has been run at previous Conpulsions, so is more suited for people new to the game.

Game: Defenders of the Pact: – The voice of the stars
System: Starfinder
GM: Dan Marriott

Game Location – The Loft Bar Table 6

Age Rating: Neutral

Content Warnings: Possible violence, cinematic in nature, no gore

Short Hook: Epic science fantasy adventures in the Pact world and beyond

Longer Description: The voice of the stars has gone silent, Virgil Vox, is a mysterious voice that can be picked up by every ship in normal space, the drift across the pact and near space. The Starfinder society are concerned and have enlisted the Defenders of the pact to head out to a mysterious location in Near space in order to find out why the voice of the stars is not broadcasting his messages to space farers across the stars.