Sunday Morning RPGs

Sunday morning, you’ve had a long day yesterday, but there’s no time for sleep!
All games running from 10:00-13:00

Game: A right pain in the DNA
System: Homebrew
GM: Ben Newbon

Age Rating: Adult Only

Trigger Warnings: Crime, drugs, mild body-horror

Short Hook: Super simple, quick gameplay – no experience necessary. Play private security in a near future cyberpunk-ish world and complete missions for your corporate overlords. All for the greater good.

Longer Description: A medical lab is suspected to be a front for illicit hormone experiments and gene manipulation. Use whatever skills and items you can think of and whatever tactics you can come up with to investigate, infiltrate, shut down and retrieve the research, so it ends up in the right hands.

Game: Against the Lord
System: Ten Thousand Shards (Homebrew)
GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Divine Worship, Spiders

Short Hook: Lord Tec is believed to have the Hammer of the Smiths and the alliance wants the Goliath as allies, and they want the Hammer. You are the group sent in to get it back. How hard can it be to fight an immortal god?

Longer Description: With the alliance standing to face the darkness they need all the allies they can get, and the Goliath would make good allies. However they do not like the alliance and in particular the Sidhe. The Lord Tec rules several worlds, on one of them is the Hammer of the Smiths, one of the Goliaths’ ancient artefacts. All your Cabal has to do is get in there, grab it, get out and not cause too many problems. How hard can it be?

Game: Everyone is John
System: Everyone is John
GM: Rowan Edmunds

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Mental health issues are a key theme due to the nature of the game.

Short Hook: John is a dangerously unstable person who has been released from an insane asylum. He has voices in his head that control him and get him to complete various tasks. You are those voices.

Longer Description: As the voices in Johns head you each have to compete to cause John to complete basic everyday tasks and extraordinary feats for points. Unfortunately John is terrible at everything and you can only help so much.
As players in this game you will each be presented with a hard task and an easy task for John to complete for you to win and two specialities: one mundane and one extraordinary. You will have 10 willpower that you use to bet to decide who controls John’s next action. The success of the action will be determined by the roll of a dice with the task being easier with more willpower or skill applied.
You will be asked to contribute task and skill ideas to the skill/ task pool
As a GM I will be describing the actions of John, keeping track of willpower usage and determining if the conditions for a task or skill usage are met. I will also be regulating task difficulties.

Game: Trouble at Days Rest
System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

GM: Paul O’Sullivan

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Although the adventure is suitable for all ages, the theme would better suit those aged 12+

Short Hook: A convention scenario for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

Longer Description: While enroute to Pavis the shaman, Vishi Dunn encounters his wayward uncle’s spirit who warns that his daughter, Vishi’s cousin, is in imminent danger. 
Heading the waring, the adventurers detour from their planned route. Two uneventful days later they arrive in the oasis settlement of Days Rest, and just in time for market day.
Can they avert the danger that threatens his cousin? Or will Vishi’s past finally catch up with him as he discovers that his kinsmen, the Blue Llama Clan, now control Days Rest.

Game: The Siege of Nexus City
System: Masks: a New Generation
GM: Pooka

Age Rating: Child Friendly

Trigger Warnings: Peril, superheroic violence

Short Hook: A city at the nexus of realities, protected by generations of superheroes, faces its greatest challenge yet. Your team of trainee heroes must work together to protect their home, and all of the multiverse!

Longer Description: Nexus City sits at the crossroads of all realities, a shining beacon to all heroes for generations. Enhanced individuals have flocked to the city, resulting in a colourful, volatile, and bustling metropolis.
You are a young superhero, a trainee in the shadow of your elders, desperate to prove yourself. When an overwhelming and existential threat to the city (and reality itself) appears, will you prove yourself worthy of your role as protector of the city?
Using Masks: a New Generation, The Siege of Nexus City will see us finding out if your heroes have what it takes to claim the mantles of their elders, or if they will doom the multiverse in their failure.

Game: This Forgotten Babylon
System: Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed
GM: Martin Pickett

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: None

Short Hook: Land on the deserted planet, plunder the alien city, escape, get rich. Simple.

Longer Description: On a desolate planet in a remote system, a survey crew has found something extraordinary. A vast ruined city, abandoned for tens of thousands of years, build with technology that no-one has ever seen before. Immediately the system was placed under interdiction, and an urgent courier sent to arrange a large-scale survey mission.
But a secret is a hard thing to keep. Freelance salvage crews across the sub-sector keep bored administrators ‘on retainer’ just so that they can get word of finds like this first, to steal a march on the competition. You are one such crew, and years of bribes have now paid off handsomely. Imagine the price you will get, selling the first artifacts of this newly discovered alien race.
You have arrived in-system, ahead of the competition and the authorities. All you have to do now is fill your hold with treasures and get away before anyone can stop you. Simple.

Game: Defenders of the Pact
System: Starfinder
GM: Dan Marriott

Age Rating: Neutral

Trigger Warnings: Mild sci-fi violence

Short Hook: A high sci-fi adventure

Longer Description: Transmission from the edge of known space are being picked up by Pact world station at the edge of known space, the last ship that was sent to investigate it didn’t return and contract was lost very close the boarder of the Aztalnti Star empire, you are tasked with finding out the origins of these transmissions and finding any survivors but tread carefully the relations between the Pact worlds and the Aztalnti has been hostile at best.