This year’s Conpulsion sees the glorious returns of guests!  But who’s going to be there?  Well, look no further!

Luke Westaway

Luke Westaway is a YouTube presenter, musician, and, recently, a game designer. He is most recognisable as one half of the gaming YouTube channel Outside Xtra, a sister channel of OutsideXbox. He plays Dob the Half-Orc Bard in the Oxventure D&D series, which was featured on Wizards of the Coast’s official D&D Celebration event in 2020. Luke is also the inaugural graduate of the Johnny Chiodini School of GMing, and has recently started running a new Blades in the Dark spin-off campaign on Outside Xtra. In addition, he has written his own table-top RPG about the high-speed thrills and off-track drama of a sci-fi racing league called Gravity RIP.

Luke will be joining us at the Convention for an interview, followed by a live Q&A with a virtual audience, were we will no doubt talk about all things Oxventure and Gravity RIP.

Brian Tyrrell

Brian Tyrrell is a writer, illustrator, and game designer who is the Art Director for Dungeons on a Dime, a publishing imprint that supports independent game creators and strives to make the hobby of tabletop role-playing more accessible. Brian has illustrated and written the eponymous zine titled Dungeons on a Dime. He has recently published In the Red, a book of adventures and advice to support new and experienced GMs alike. He has also designed a rules-light game called Adventures on a Dime, as well as a fortune-telling RPG called Vice and Virtue. His current project is Scurry, a system for 1-2 hour adventures as tiny beasts in a massive forest, long abandoned by humans. This is set in the world of Beast Fables, a live show Brian runs with his friends for Roll20.

Scurry‘s kickstarter will run between 15 and 28 February, and you can find more information on it, as well as how to support it, on the project’s Kickstarter page.

Brian will be joining us at Conpulsion for an interview, followed by a Q&A with a virtual audience, where we hope to discuss Dungeons on a Dime, the zine and the imprint, In the Red, as well as Scurry.

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