It’s nearly here!

This is your friendly neighbourhood promotions officer reminding you that Conpulsion is happening and it’s happening soon! If you’ve already bought your ticket, then you are a hero and a cool, but if you haven’t, then why not? If you order VERY SOON then you’ll have a chance to order your very own Conpulsion T-Shirt, a privilege we cannot guarentee if you wait much longer.

And talking of doing things VERY SOON, are you interested in GMing for Conpulsion, or do you still want to give the logo contest a stab? Well we’ve extended the deadline for the logo contest but only for a few days and we’ll be finalising GMs soon as well, so get moving! There’s a free special GM T-Shirt in it for you if you GM and if you win the logo contest there’s a whole bag of goodies! Just go here to sign up as a GM: and look here for more info on the logo contest:

Last call for Blueshirts!

Hello. We need to have a serious talk. Have you ever been to Conpulsion before? Are you a member of GEAS? Do you want to do a good thing?

This year, all of Conpulsion’s profits are going straight to the Grassmarket Project. This is a local Edinburgh charity that offers mentoring, teaching and training for the homeless and those who experience mental/physical health issues and have learning support needs.

Buying a ticket to Conpulsion supports both this Con and GEAS, but it also directly helps the Grassmarket Project. But if you really want to help all of us, the best way you can do that is by volunteering as a Blueshirt. The Con really can’t run without the hard work of volunteers. To show our gratitude to the backbone of our convention, we offer our Blueshirts FREE entry to the con and a FREE special edition blue Conpulsion TShirt.

And besides, Blueshirting is excellent fun. It’s the best way at the Con to make new friends and you can leave the weekend knowing that you played a bunch of great games AND helped many people.

But your time is running out! If you want to support the Grassmarket Project, GEAS and Conpulsion, make new friends and get free stuff, then sign up here before the 14th of March!

Bring and Buy!

Do you have stuff you don’t really need/want (let’s be honest, you do). Is it at least slightly nerdy? Then bring it as soon as the doors open on the Saturday (between 9 and 11) and the Bring and Buy will sell it for you! You can choose your own minimum price and, if it sells, you get a whopping 90% of the sale price! And the 10% commission all goes to charity! It’s a win-win! And if it isn’t sold, you just get it back again. We’ll take pretty much anything, books and games are always good, but if you’ve got an old costumes lying around that a LARPer might be interested in then we’ll try and sell those too.

If you don’t have something to sell (and we’ve already established, you really do), then this is a great place to snag a bargain. I could boast about the First Edition Mage that I got there last year and have been running very successfully (if I do say so myself) since, but I’m too modest for that. I, however, would highly recommend that you come and get your own boastable bargain at the Bring and Buy at Conplusion 2019!

Last chance to get Early Bird!

Hey all, just a quick reminder that today is your LAST CHANCE to get early bird tickets to Conpulsion! That’s a saving of half the price of a one day ticket! Just £5 for a single day or £10 for the full weekend. And it’s for charity. And don’t forget the amazing Conpulsion TShirts you can get your hands on during the ticket buying process. So if you are coming to Conpulsion and you want to get in for cheap, then buy now, as you won’t get this chance tomorrow!

Or alternatively, if you want to get in for free (and get life Karma for being an amazing person), there’s always blueshirting…

Cheap Tickets and Free Tickets!

Just a quick reminder that Early Bird tickets are still on sale for just a few more days, so if you’re going to buy, buy! You’ll get £5 off whether you’re buying a full weekend ticket or just coming for one day, that’s only £10 for the entire weekend or £5 for a single day.

But what if you don’t want to pay, but you still want to come and you are also a wonderful person? Then it sounds like Blueshirting is perfect for you! We’re still looking for as many people as possible to sign up to help out over the weekend of the con. You’ll help the wonderful traders move in, assist guests in finding their games and be constantly ready to spring into action to make sure that everything runs smoothly. You won’t even have to work the whole con. Infact, if we get enough sign ups, you should be free to do what you like for a minimum of half of your time! So go, now, and sign up here It’s a great way to experience the con, working together to bring the Conpulsion Cabal’s dreams alive, and you might just make new friends along the way. I know I certainly have when I’ve Blueshirted before!

GM Reminder!

Hey you! Have you signed up to be a GM at conpulsion yet? Well you should! Just go here and all the glory of being the master of the lives of a group of PCs will be yours!

And do you want some way to prove your glory? Well, fear not! If you sign up to be a GM, you’ll get your very own Conpulsion GM T-Shirt! Just make sure you’ve filled in the form and bought your conpulsion ticket and then email before March 4th with your size (if you need the size chart, it’s here

Logo Contest reminder.

Hey, remember that Logo Contest that I posted about a while back? Where all you arty folk out there choose a theme (beginning with F) for next year’s Conpulsion and then create a logo for the Con to go with that theme? And the winning theme and logo will be the official theme and logo of Conpulsion 2020? And all you have to do is send it here before March 17th?

Well, I’ve got more news. You thought that getting to be the official logo designer of Conpulsion 2020 was enough didn’t you? Well wait till I tell you that the winner of the contest will not only get free entry to Conpulsion 2020, but will also get a £20 cash prize and a T-Shirt with their own design on it! (and now stop waiting, because that was me just telling you) There’s literally nothing to lose and all this glory and free stuff to gain, so why not submit? For more details, see our previous post


The day has arrived! Tickets to Conpulsion 2019 are finally here! Rejoice! Buy! Rejoice some more!

But wait! It gets better! Sign up now and you’ll get your tickets at Early Bird prices: that’s a whole £5 off what was already a ludicrously cheap ticket! That means it’s only £10 for the whole weekend and a measley £5 for a single day ticket. So if you’re reading this, what are you waiting for! The Early Bird deal only lasts till March 4th, so go and buy your tickets here now:

What’s that about T-Shirts? Why, don’t you know? The Conpulsion T-Shirt is a tradition that has gone back generations (note: ‘generations’ is not meant to imply generations of humans), they’re both collectors’ items and stylish apparel. This year the T-Shirts are emblazoned with the mighty Death Griffin, the winner of last year’s logo competition (an event so popular it’s happening again this year and you should totally sign up hint hint). If you want one of these majestic shirts (and let’s be honest here, you do), just select it after you’ve selected your ticket type. It’s only £11, so why not? That’s the price of 3 coffees. If you need a look at the size chart, look here (but order the T-Shirt when you buy the ticket, not through this link)

And last but not least, have you signed up to be a GM at Conpulsion 2019? Well if you have, congratulations, we love you! Have a free T-Shirt! Just buy a ticket as normal but send your T-Shirt size to BEFORE MARCH 4TH so that we can guarantee that we’ll have your size. And if you haven’t signed up to be a GM, why not? You’ll get a free shirt out of it, just go here:

Call for Blueshirts!

Conpulsion is great, isn’t it? Do you know what makes it great? Hard work from wonderful people. Who are these wonderful people? Look down at yourself. Now back to me. Now back to yourself. And back to this old meme. You are now one of the wonderful people! Or at least you could be, if you sign up for Conpulsion Blueshirting.

Blueshirts are the backbone of the Conpulsion experience. Signing up will make you one of the people who turns the Conpulsion Cabals dreams into actual Con reality. As a Blueshirt, you will assist with the guests and traders, help people navigate the convention, get a look at the behind the scenes running of a convention, meet new people and find other people to game with (you may also be running around and carrying things).

And best of all, not only will you get a snazzy TShirt (no points for guessing the colour), but you’ll also get into Conpulsion Death for free! Just sign up here

Announcing the Logo Contest!

Tickets will be coming soon, but while we wait for the last few things to fall into place, it’s time to get pumped for the Conpulsion 2020 logo contest!

Do you think you have a talent for design? A creative spark lying in wait inside you? A deep desire to brand a gaming convention? Well, we’re offering you the chance to be the official logo designer (and theme selector) for Conpulsion 2020! All we need from you is two things, a theme for the event (like this year’s theme is Death) and a logo to go along with it (Griffie the Grim Reaper Griffin was our winner last year). There are just two rules that you have to follow. The theme must begin with the letter F, and you must send the theme and the logo to with the subject line ‘Logo Contest’. Oh, and you have to do it all before March 17th.

“What if I’m so super creative that I want to make multiple submissions?” you ask. Not a problem! You can make multiple logo and theme submissions, or multiple logo submissions with the same theme (good luck arguing for multiple different themes with the same logo, but if you can pull it off then that’s okay too …).

All the submissions will be vetted by the Conpulsion Cabal (also known as the committee) and the best ones will be put forward for public vote at Conpulsion Death.

And last but not least, good luck!