Board Gaming Groups

Argonaut Books’ Game Nights: We run board games and roleplaying games on alternating weeks. A friendly atmosphere welcoming players of all levels of familiarity.

Edinburgh Board Gamers: If you are into modern board games, and can get into Edinburgh, then this is the group for you! We are very welcoming of people new to the tabletop gaming hobby, and nothing makes us happier than helping another person discover new games.

Edinburgh Playtest Group: The Edinburgh Playtest Group was setup to help Tabletop Game designers out with playtesting their games. Although we welcome all stripes of designers we are mostly focused on card and board games but are delighted to try and help you find people if you are looking to playtest an RPG or wargame.

FAQ: FAQ is the boardgaming society of the University of Edinburgh! You enjoy playing? Join us!

Juniper Green Board Gamers: Family Gaming group for people in and around Juniper Green, Currie, Balerno, Baberton, Longstone, Colinton Village and anywhere on the West side of Edinburgh.

Table Top Games SQ: Based in South Queensferry but all are welcome. We meet fortnightly and play a wide range of modern board games and players of all levels of familiarity are welcome.

Watt-Gamers: Heriot-Watt University’s gaming society. Covering roleplay, boardgames, wargaming, card games, and even occasionally LARPs, we welcome everyone interested in any form of gaming.

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