GM code of conduct

As a GM you are taking on a position of responsibility at the convention. Due to this, there are a set of rules to ensure players get as much enjoyment as possible from your game:

1) Please be aware that not all themes are suitable to a convention game. Conpulsion does not support the inclusion of elements that would be considered extreme or shocking. We understand that a lot of role playing games have fluid plots that evolve based on player actions, but intentionally basing a game around themes such as rape, bigotry, prejudice or similar is not acceptable.

2) If your game includes adult themes that may cause some people problems, ensure that the game has the appropriate age rating and that your players are fully aware of these plot elements before the game starts. This means both listing these themes in the appropriate area of the GM sign up form and reminding players before the game that these themes will likely be included.

3) All GMs will be provided with a T-Card to use in their games. An explanation of how this works is provided here: T-cards.

It can often be difficult to anticipate the types of themes or situations that may be detrimental to a player’s (or GM’s) experience. The T-Card is provided in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to opt out if they are uncomfortable. If someone does choose to use it, do not try to talk them round or question them about why. Instead follow the player’s lead on whether to remove the theme or story element or change it in some way to allow them to feel safe.

4) If a player attempts to introduce a theme or plot element to your game which is either something you do not feel comfortable running or likely to cause problems for the other players then it is your responsibility as GM to prevent that. If this happens repeatedly then you may have to explain to the player that what they’re trying to do isn’t something you’re happy having in the game.

5) When you are running a game, please remember that you are representing the convention. As such we expect any and all issues to be dealt with in a calm, professional manner. If anything arises that you feel unable to deal with yourself, please contact a member of convention staff who will be happy to help.

In addition to the above, we require all GMs to abide by the Geas Game Safety Policy.

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