Handiwork Games Handiwork Games are the publisher behind a number of big names in the RPG scene, including BEOWULF, Maskwitches, and a|state.
That’s Sew Sue That’s Sew Sue is a Neurodivergent Threadsmith, Costumer & Maker of Things. Embroidery creator of the fun and quirky.
Stormclouds ChainmailStormclouds Chainmail are Conpulsion veterans for several years now. All the jewellery, ornamentation and decorative pieces that you never considered making from chainmail, but now that you have, you want them
Tanya Roberts ArtTanya Roberts has drawn for Disney, Star Wars, 200AD and is now creating her own comic line in partnership with her husband. So if you want a character sketch that could sit along some of those on your shelves, take a look!
Illusionary Constructs Adam Howie makes art that that he describes as “Emotive, Dark, and Spiritual”, and one of our directors called “amazing, if slightly unsettling”. If any of that sounds appealing to you then check out his stall!
Busy Lizzy Dice Busy Lizzy Dice are unique, hand crafted dice made in Edinburgh. Why crit fumble on a mass produced, commercial set when you can crit fumble in style on a unique and gorgeous die made just for you!
The Corner CraftsBecca, the creative force behind The Corner Crafts Shop, seamlessly blends diverse media in her artistic endeavours. From transforming digital illustrations into vibrant stickers and mugs to crafting intricate resin jewellery and stylish concrete homeware, her work reflects a unique blend of influences inspired by nature’s beauty and the dynamic world of gaming culture.

With more to be announced!

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