RPG Groups

Argonaut Books’ Game Nights: We run board games and roleplaying games on alternating weeks. A friendly atmosphere welcoming players of all levels of familiarity.

Edinburgh Indie Gamers: Edinburgh Indie Gamers is the club for creativity, story and throwing away the rules. Think PbtA, diceless, Nordic-style, GMless and GMful games, though perhaps not all at the same time. Our regular Storygames Hangout features a wide range of one-shot games, while our community is a launchpad for longer-format games, design discussions, and our vibrant annual zine. We value inclusivity highly and all games run with safety tools.

Edinburgh RPG Guild: Discuss and play anything tabletop. From boardgames, Warhammer wargames, to roleplay of any system: D&D, Warhammer Fantasy, Vampire the Masquerade, etc.

GEAS: The Edinburgh University Roleplaying Society is an inclusive and welcoming ttrpg society which plays a variety of game systems from D&D to more complex and recent systems like Cyberpunk 2020 and indie systems like Urban Shadows. Additionally, lots of our GMs make their own systems, not published or released yet!

RolePlay Haven: The Edinburgh branch of a nationwide network of roleplaying groups. They are a Community Interest Company whose mission statement is to introduce Tabletop Roleplaying Games into local communities and raise money for nearby charitable organisations.

Watt-Gamers: Heriot-Watt University’s gaming society. Covering roleplay, boardgames, wargaming, card games, and even occasionally LARPs, we welcome everyone interested in any form of gaming.

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