Game Submission

We welcome GMs, new and seasoned alike, to run games at Conpulsion.

We will be running games on Saturday the 30th March and Sunday the 31st March in several timeslots. Morning games each day will run from 10am to 1pm, afternoon slots are from 2pm to 5pm, and the Saturday evening slot is from 6pm – 9pm. We also have space for 4 large LARPs, one each morning and afternoon. Submissions for games have now opened!

If you need more ideas on how to run a con game, or just want to check that you’ve thought of everything, our general advice page is here.

If you’re interested in running a child-friendly game (something we’re always short of), one of our regular GMs has put together some advice on how best to do that here.

GMs can submit games using the following form:

Further information on submitting a game can be found on the form above.

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