Meet the Committee

The Conpulsion Comittee is comprised of:

Ben McCallum – Director
As best I can tell, the job of the Con Director is to work really hard at looking in control and like you actually know what’s going on, while really, really hoping that the relevant committee member already has whatever it is in hand. That and buying the rest of the committee cocktails.

Jack Dias-Harrison – GEAS Liaison
I coordinate room bookings, make sure the lovely GEAS committee are informed of what’s all going on and let the Conpulsion folks know what GEAS says. I also will put announcements through the GEAS mailbox and discord!

Sorin – Publicity
Publicity’s job is to make sure everyone knows about the cool stuff we have going on at the con – past cons have been great, and ideas for this coming con are too, we just need to make sure that anyone and everyone who might enjoy it knows when it is and what’s happening.

Josh Shanks – Trader Wrangler
Wrangling being the technical term for contacting, liaising and managing the traders for our trade hall. It’s my job to make sure our tables offer a diverse spread of wares for our guests to browse (and hopefully purchase)

Harvey Newman – Treasurer
Hi there, I’m Harvey, long term ttrpg enjoyer and continuing in the role of treasurer for Conpulsion, so I’ll be overseeing all of the finances for the convention.

Jamie Prentice – RPG Coordinator
I think the RPG coordinator’s job is to
1) contact groups with potential GMs and ensure that the con gets a sufficient and decent selection of RPGs (and weed out any problematic ones)
2) collect information about the games GMs plan to run, how many players, age restrictions etc.
3) timetable and balance the games as well as possible across the con
4) handle assigning pre-bookings
5) ensure everyone has a place to run their game
6) keep an eye on things on the day in case anything goes wrong.

Dasha K – Webmaster
My surname is intimidating to many, so let’s keep it to the mysterious Bond villain ‘K’. I’m new to Conpulsion, but have been rolling the ol’ d20s for 13 years or so. I’m webmaster this year, so if something looks wrong on the site you can direct complaints to me!

Yining Fan – Equality & Wellbeing

Sonny – Events & Expansion

Phil Edwards – Committee Member Without a Portfoilo

If you want to get in touch with any of us, you can do so via our Contact Us form.

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