Meet the Committee

Conpulsion is organised by a group of volunteers:

Vivek Santayana (He/Him), Director
A researcher and trade unionist by day, who is here because running Conpulsion is like jury service. Big fan of the Masks RPG, and loves games that centre emotional drama. And communist uprisings.

Alan Jackson (He/Him), Deputy Director
A fixture at GEAS, running games and conventions here since 2004 and in mythical Middle Zealand since the Nineties.  Offering ‘helpful’ advice for running the con and pretty much any other topic on demand, keen on indie story games, the lighter and lower prep the better.

Sophie Hine (She/Her), GM Herder
Super confused how she’s ended up on two committees in the past 3 years, but is very passionate about TTRPGs; to the point of somehow working them into an astrophysics degree. Just needs a nap tbh.

Holly Rankin (She/Her), Blueshirt Wrangler
A real life human who exists (probably).

Stella Segar (She/They), Venue Coordinator
Certified cowboy, gemini, loves long walks on the beach and summoning unknowable eldritch horrors. In the process of directing a documentary on TTRPGs.

Selina Yoon (She/Her)
Usually trapped in a vortex of time-consuming hobbies, but she somehow always manages to pull enough free time to play TTRPGs at GEAS.

If you want to get in touch with any of us, you can do so via our Contact Us form.