Events and Socialising

Gamed out?  Looking for for a bit of time to relax or have a change of scene?  We may just have you covered as there’s a lot more to Conpulsion than just the role playing games.

The events will start with the Friday night pre-con social evening in the Study where you can simply relax with a few drinks and get to know a few people before the convention starts in ernest. Chat to gamers from all across the area, and maybe even spot a few of our committee in non-panic mode for the only time over the weekend.

Once the con is in swing our Trade Hall in the Dining Room will be open both days. Drop by to take a look at a whole plethora of geeky treats and have a chat to the awesome traders. Or, if you prefer something a little more strategic, there’s our board games venue in the Study where you can find all sorts of different things to play, either with friends or with a pick up group.

When it comes to more unique events, there’s the Charity Auction and the the Pub Quiz, on Saturday and Sunday evenings respectively. And don’t worry if you’ve not got the money to bid far, or your geek knowledge isn’t up to scratch. These are both as much spectator events as they’re important to the people taking part. Watching the auction battle over who gets this year’s pink t-shirt (Director’s edit: It’s going to be me – Ben) or the debates around obscure bits of trivia is always a good time.

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