Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games are at the heart of Conpulsion. There are usually many games on offer, from D&D to bleeding edge Indie Gaming. System based, homebrew and freeform, we intend to have it all.

As part of Conpulsion Lite, we will run a block of one-shot games on Sunday 10 April, 2022, from 1 pm to 5 pm BST.

You can sign up to a game by joining our Discord and letting us know which game you’d like to join.

Games will take place on the Conpulsion Lite Discord Server:

Game Listings

The Breaking of Alkanz Alkhafiu Station

System: Coriolis
GM: Aaron Billingham (He/him)
Description: Your crew has been hired to investigate recent damage to Alkanz Alkhafiu Station. A treasure trove of technology lost in the Long Night, any Faction would love to persuade this independent operation to sign up with them. It’s a wonder the station survives at all out there in the Dark that twists minds and steals souls but, Icons be merciful, you can get in, fix the problem and get out again without being claimed by the Dark, gaining some money – or even technology – in the process.
Format: Discord
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Cultural discrimination, demons.

Dishonoured: Sometimes Even Heroes Die

System: Modiphius 2D20
GM: Stephen L McMorland (He/him)
Description: The Baxter Boys were one of the most successful gangs in Dunwall, but they were not simply thugs, they saw themselves as anti-heroes and waged a secret war against corrupt officials and arrogant nobles. Their luck ran out and the Imperial Guard captured all the leaders and raided the main HQ, however, a few members of the gang escaped and now they must try to free their bosses and get them to safety before they are executed.
Format: Discord
Spaces: 3 – 5
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Bad language, gritty street criminal shenanigans, violence, rats, social injustice.


System: Homebrew
GM: Alan Jackson (He/him)
Description: Join the Marines! Explore the Galaxy! Colony planet LV-426 has stopped responding, and you have been sent to investigate. It must be a radio malfunction, as there’s no such thing as aliens. Honest, totally.
Join for an action, horror, comedy adventure inspired by popular action movies. Come play the world famous Dropzone!
Format: Zoom
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Action movie violence. Horror atmosphere. Mutual Suspicion and possible betrayal.

Figures in White Glass

System: Trail of Cthulhu
GM: Phil Masters (He/him)
Description: The year – 1783; a CERTAIN GENTLEMAN, an antiquarian and scholar of Chthonic Sciences, is lately returned to London from the Kingdom of Naples, bearing with him an ANCIENT AND MYSTERIOUS ARTEFACT, which has caused a stir in the town. Master Wedgwood, of Stoke-on-Trent, is most curious on this theme, in part because Doctor Darwin, of Derby, theorises that it is associated with the ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES, but in greater part because it may be a Challenge to his Mastery of Certain Arts.

And thus, Agents of the Lunar Society are commissioned to travel to the Capital. But WHO among the Nation’s Lords, Libertines, and Miscreants may be trusted, and WHAT may the Truth Make Free?

A preview of BOUNDARY OF THE DARKNESS, the upcoming alternative campaign frame for Trail of Cthulhu.
Format: Discord
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: 18th century standards of healthcare and social equality.

Here Be Great Sales!

System: Lasers and Feelings
GM: Erik Sätterqvist (They/he/she)
Description: Ohoy space crabs! Ye be the crew of the scout ship Raptor currently approaching the Rora station. Hidden away deep in an asteroid belt on the outskirts of the Langrrrrr system it be the most infamous pirate den this side of the galaxy. Your mission? Well, they’ve got some nice stuff for sale and you deserve a break after all of the adventuring you’ve done. What’s that? All the pirates this side of the galaxy have gathered here? Now that’s more like it! Shopping list and blasters at the ready mates and let’s see what all the caffuffle be about!
Format: Zoom
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Cartoon violence, swearing, drinking, drug use, kidnapping.

Stolen Masks and a Heist

System: Homebrew inspired by Blades in the Dark
GM: Manuel Tarazona Querol (He/him)
Description: Nusk Mellow. Billionaire, celebrity, and successful businessman. Everyone knows and loves him. But you know better. He has done something to screw you over, and now, it is time to take what you deserve from him, and show the world who he really is. Of course, for your own protection, you’ll be taking on the persona of a known supervillain. The one thing you couldn’t anticipate, though is that he’s destroyed plenty of lives, and you are not the only one taking this opportunity for revenge. And they’re also using the same disguise as you. Will you work together towards your common goal, or will you betray them when your greed gets the better of you?
Format: Discord
Spaces: 3-4
Age Rating: PG
Content Advisories: Economic inequality, billionaires, megacorps.