Schedule – Saturday Afternoon (2pm – 5pm)

Game: The Tomb of Athmenlow
System: Shadowdark RPG
GM: Mark Palmer
Location: Upper Hall
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 4 – 5
Genre: Classic Fantasy
Description: Stumbling across a tomb in the forest isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it’s probably an opportunity not to be missed. By the sounds of it though, someone has got there before you. Time to light your torches and proceed into the depths. The Shadowdark lies beneath.
The Tomb of Athmenlow is a classic dungeon crawl, intended as an introduction to the fantastic Shadowdark RPG. Pre-generated characters will be provided. A dungeon crawl for 3rd level Shadowdark characters.
Tags: Rules Lite, Newbie Friendly

Trigger Warnings: None

Game: Track Dogs open playtest
System: Track Dogs
GM: Alexa
Location: Upper Hall
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Maximum Players: 6
Genre: Weird Science Fantasy Adventure, like Mortal Engines meets Sunless Sea/Fallen London
Description: A vast expanse of old-growth forest called the Cedar or Seven Cedars covers the Earth, filled with monsters, treasures, and mysterious clues to the world that came before. Above the tree canopy on the criss-cross of railways maintained by an inscrutable god-computer; you, the TRACK DOGS, wend your way between the settlements that poke above the treeline, in search of fame, fortune and glory.
TRACK DOGS is an in-development Powered By The Apocalypse game about post-apocalyptic train pirates. Players will be asked to provide feedback at the end of the session. The attendance and opinions of all levels of experience are welcome – a broad spectrum of perspectives is critical for further development.
Scenarios will be constructed communally during play, and have a broad range of possible themes. Will your crew get into an exciting train chase with the law? Descend into the horrifying depths of the subcedar, there to encounter monsters like the horrid soilshark and pistol shrimpman? Carry out a perfectly timed heist on a high-value target in port? It’s all up to you…
Tags: Newbie Friendly, GM’s Own System

Warnings: Some allusions to benthic/subaquatic horror (in a transplanted context)

Game: All Crim’s Night by Johnny Chiodini & E.E. Howell
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
GM: Emily Howell
Location: Upper Hall
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 5 – 10
Genre: Jaunty fantasy crime sim
Description: Every year Duke Abeyo of Red Castle tests his guards by hosting All Crim’s Night, a night where he invites every thief and criminal gang in Red Castle to try to invade his castle, get past the Crimson Guard, and reach his treasury vault. The first team to reach the vault is rewarded with a handshake from the Duke and five minutes to take whatever they can carry. On All Crim’s Night, mayhem, thievery, and betrayal is allowed and encouraged.
A not-too-serious Level 6 one-shot for up to 10 players with prior D&D experience. If numbers allow, players will be split into teams of 2+ players, all competing to reach the Duke’s Vault and win All Crim’s Night. This adventure will come with pre-made character sheets for players to choose from and 10-15 minutes at the start of the session to create your own character or alter the premade ones. Character death and PvP possible.
Based on the adventure “Plunder and Siege” by Johnny Chiodini, DM of The Oxventurer’s Guild D&D campaign which can be found on the “Oxventure” channel of Youtube.
Tags: Rules Lite, Prior setting / system knowledge useful

Trigger Warnings: Fantasy-typical violence, criminal activity, possible character death, possible PvP

Game: The Riddermound
System: Dragonbane
GM: Paul
Location: Upper Hall
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 3 – 5
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Deep in the vast forests of the Misty Vale lies a burial mound called the Riddermound. It is a feared place, haunted by the spirit of a powerful knight in the dragon emperor’s service – but then it is also said to be watching over hidden treasures.
Dragonbane is a classic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game full of magic, mystery, and adventure. It is designed from the ground up to facilitate fast and furious play, with very little prep time and adventures that are a breeze to run. This is a game with room for laughs at the table, while still offering brutal challenges for the adventurers. Free League call this play-style “mirth and mayhem roleplaying” – great for long campaigns, but also perfect for a one-shot.
Tags: Newbie Friendly

Trigger Warnings: None

Game: Storm Eel’s Rest
System: Adventures in Rokugan
GM: Roderick Easton
Location: Upper Hall
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 3 – 5
Genre: East Asian Fantasy
Description: The monks of the Unnamed Isle have guarded the remains of the great Storm Eel for centuries, ensuring that its twisted spirit remains contained. They have taken an oath to ensure that the beast will never again be able to torment the waters of Earthquake Fish Bay or the Sea of the Sun Goddess. With the help of Storm Eel’s Rest, a village nestled along the shore and stewarded by the Yasuki family of the Crab, and the aid of the ever-vigilant waterborne ningyo, the monks have been successful – until now.
Adventures in Rokugan is built on the framework of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, with different Backgrounds, Classes, and Species.
It is set in the long established world of Legend of the Five Rings.

Trigger Warnings: Depictions of Violence and Murder. Drowning.

Game: Stray God Strut
System: Discworld RPG (GURPS)
GM: Phil Masters
Location: Upper Hall
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 2 – 5
Genre: Discworld Fantasy
Description: When a problem is too supernatural for the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, and too theological for the wizards of Unseen University, who are they going to call?

The Temple of the Small Gods, of course. The more important question is: Who are the Temple going to dump the problem on? They really need an elite team of special theurgic operators. But that would be expensive, so you’ve got the job. And after all, what’s the worst that could happen if you messed up

(Apart from howling storms, earthquakes, plagues of locusts, and the Patrician being sarcastic. of course.)

Trigger Warnings: No issues.

Game: The Conclave of Scale, Fang and Talon (LARP)
System: Low Rules Parlour LARP
GM: Claire Main
Location: Cheviot & Braid
Age Rating: Adult Only (ages 16+)
Players: 15 – 20
Genre: Modern day fantasy. Think Stray Gods but with dragons, fae, and sorcerers (but not singing)
Description: Once, in times long past, the first mortal dreamed. That dream was riding the sky on the back of a great serpent and this serpent they named Dragon. And so it was. And so they were. Them and the fae and cryptids and everything they could imagine beyond and in between. But that was long past. Now they don’t dream so much and fewer linger every year.
The great flights, the Scale, the Fang, and Talon made a pact that they would meet at the Stone Nest with their retinues to discuss concerns of the Dream, the power that sustains both them and the mortals that created them. Once a great wyrm of the east performed a deed worthy of counting time by mortals and so at the turning of winter to spring in the dragon’s year they would meet.
Then the mortals built a city on the Stone Nest. And they grew inventive. So inventive they created a new magic different from the Dream. They called these incantations Science and Industry.
The flights and retinues dwindled in number and in desperation took the form of mortal kind and adapted to this strange world hidden in plain sight.
One such wyrm acquired a pub in the fields outside the city and called it the Stone Nest. The conclave gathers there even now.
But of course you know that, that’s why you’re here.
It is the time and the place and whether wyrm, retainer, or supplicant you have come in the hours before the dawn. The usual brokering of alliances, tributes and settling of disputes is expected of course but there is more worrying news.
Centuries ago the flight of Smoke and Silence foresaw a darkness where the Dream ended and spoke not a word since. 10 years ago the flight ascended and formed a new constellation in the sky, for those with the eyes to see its weave across the world, now the Dragons that remain, the few though they are, plagued with a nightmare and a sense of ending.
If the Dragons end here what will that mean for the Dream and those that follow them? What will become of Mortals without the Dream? What did the Smoke and Silence see to come?
Will this be the last gathering of the Conclave of Scale, Fang, and Talon?
This game is a rules light, social RP, investigative game set in the modern day with any level of fully human to make up for any character type.
Tags: Rules Lite, Newbie Friendly, GM’s Own System

Warnings: There may be social pvp elements and themes will include despair in the absence of hope which may be unsettling

Game: Blacklist
System: Homebrew
GM:  Phil Harris
Location: Munro
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 1 – 5
Genre: Pirates, Mystery, and Magic
Description: “Yer wares aren’t welcome ‘ere”, sneered the Quartermaster. “In fact, with what you’ve been up ta, I doubt you’re wanted anywhere either!”
Before you even have the chance to ask why, you notice the burly coves behind him have drawn swords and pistols and are forcibly beckoning you to leave. Being a sound judge of character, you take the advice.
Before the door closes behind you, you hear a barked instruction.
“Let the provost know they’re in port. I heard he wants a little more than a word!”
Yet you know this place and the provost, you know he’ll be more than aware you have docked, and there are only a few friends you can depend on to try and solve this mystery and clear your name!

Warnings: None

Game: Green & Pleasance Land
System: Liminal
Location: Munro
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 3 – 5
Genre: Urban Fantasy Weird Folk Horror
Description: Stones are cracking, wells are drying up.
Eyes are prying and the lines are being drawn.
Step from the path and through the veil.

A group of new recruits are gathered ready to act;
against whom or what they don’t know yet…

it’s all adding up to something sinister.

An RPG adventure set in our version of Auld Reekie using Liminal rules system.
Expect some faces both familiar and fresh…
Warnings: Folk Horror

Trigger Warnings: Folk Horror

Game: Treasure Island
System: Thirsty Sword Lesbians
GM: Erika Vätte
Location: Lomond
Age Rating: Adult Only (ages 16+)
Players: 2 – 4
Genre: Fantasy pirates
Description: You are a crew of pirates down on your luck looking for the next big score. But when you discover a map with the coordinates of the legendary “treasure island” even you start to wonder if this is more than you can handle. However, given a chance at claiming the legendary treasure it contains no true pirate could back down. Upon arriving though you notice that you are not alone. Old comrades, lovers, rivals, enemies all descend upon the island and you will have to use your wit and your skill with the sword to be the ones to sail away with the treasure. That is if you don’t get distracted by the rekindling of old flames or the passionate roar of new ones. In love and battle much can happen and all is allowed.
Tags: Rules Lite, Newbie Friendly

Trigger Warnings: Flirting, fantasy violence, swearing

Game: Kalpana One – Ceres Research Base
System: Trail of Cthulhu
GM: Andi
Location: Lomond
Age Rating: Adult Only (ages 16+)
Players: 3 – 5
Genre: Existential horror, mystery, and violent death
Description: Way out in the asteroid belt, the dwarf planet Ceres orbits the Sun.
In turn, the first Kalpana cylinder makes an artificial moon, with a plan to be a ship repair bay and resupply stop on the way to the gas giants, with eventual full colonisation of the solar system now that Mars is self-sufficient.
Out there, making good use of resources is not just good practice and there’s some real-estate on the surface.
The advanced science lab on Ceres, with energetic experiments and a long way from a population that could get upset, has lost a researcher.
Cause unknown.
A wake for your lost colleague is where you start but It isn’t long before a second death follows.
It doesn’t look like a unique event anymore and when the first autopsy comes back the cause of death is … unexpected.
You’re trapped on an airless rock, with Kalpana One orbital colony overhead.
It’ll take some time before shuttles with enough passenger space for 16 people can be sent down and it’s not an emergency yet, so taking the exit pods would be premature.
The experiments are chugging along and there’s no rhyme or reason for what’s going on.
What’s a researcher to do when there’s a problem to be solved?
No-one knows anything.
Everybody claims innocence.
Can you make a hypothesis?
Stop the deaths?
Or should you just run?
Trail of Cthulhu is an investigation game in the existential horror genre. Ask questions of NPCs, look for oddities, and piece together what could be happening. If you can see the pattern, perhaps you can work out how to stop it continuing.
A relevant investigation skill gets you anything important in the scene, without any random element, and it’s only when the action starts that your d6 will see use.
A cut-down character sheet and naturally simple rules will get you going quickly and onto the investigating. The ruleset is all about clues, discussion, and putting together a mystery. This isn’t a ‘bucket-of-dice’ action game.
Ultimately though, the mystery is deadly and when the PCs start dying, maybe it’s just better to make use of the “fleeing” skill and run for the hangar.
Tags: Rules Lite, Newbie Friendly

Trigger Warnings: Plot involves NPC deaths from violence. Potential for PC deaths.

Game: The Hunt for Haldraxis
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
GM: Jesse
Location: Lomond
Age Rating: Adult Only (ages 16+)
Players: 3 – 5
Genre: Fantasy adventure. Tone can range from deathly serious to comedically stupid, to be discussed at table. Likely somewhere in the middle.
Description: Not but yesterday, a red dragon flew from the mountains and attacked the city of Byriver in the night. Orange flame painted the south side of the city, resulting in the burning of three fields and two homes. Four people were killed, and eleven were gravely injured. The dragon then bellowed his demands to the city from the top of the castle: “In four days, leave me all your gold and jewels in the temple ruins in the mountain, and your city will be safe from the wrath of I, Haldraxis.” He then flew back into the mountains to await his payment. The king, unwilling to bargain with a dragon, knows that there are heroes in his midst who could save Byriver from destruction. Heroes like you.

Trigger Warnings: Fantasy violence, potential character death, city destruction, fire

Game: Far, Far Away
System: Troika
GM: Stephen L McMorland
Location: Craft
Age Rating: Adult Only (ages 16+)
Players: 3 – 5
Genre: Gonzo Sci-fi with a 60s vibe and Pythonesque humour
Description: Troika is a science fiction game which derives its inspiration from the New Wave of Science Fiction from the late sixties, referencing the works of Moorcock, Poul Anderson, Barrington Bailey, and other luminaries of innovative and experimental SF from the British Silver Age of the genre. Classes have bizarre names, the rules are light and flexible, and the tone is dramatic with a hint of wry humour. The story takes inspiration from the classic trope of a bunch of weirdo rogues flying around space getting into shenanigans, think Red Dwarf crossed with Star Wars with Pythonesque humour. This game is kind of lethal, so take care, I’m probably going to dial down the lethality for this one-off though.
Tags: Rules Lite

Trigger Warnings: There may be violence, there should be some mild horror or peril, typically I have Gore hidden behind lines and lines and veils can be discussed prior to the start

Game: Dropzone
System: Homebrew
GM: Alan Jackson
Location: Craft
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 4 – 6
Genre: Sci-fi action
Description: Colony planet LV-426 has stopped responding. You are the colonial marines sent to find out what’s happened. It must be pirates, there’s no chance it’s aliens, right? Action adventure horror, with guns and honest, no monsters at all.
Tags: Rules Lite, GM’s Own System

Trigger Warnings: Monsters, action movie violence, betrayal

Game: The Stockbridge Incident
System: Doctor Who – Adventures in Time and Space
GM: Ian Muir
Location: Torridon
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 3 – 4
Genre: Sci-fi
Description: With their TARDIS caught in a mysterious temporal wave, our time-travellers find themselves trapped in the peaceful village of Stockbridge in 1973. But not all is as it seems. Why do the locals talk in whispers about “The Institute”? What sinister creatures lurk in the woods? And can our heroes work out what is going on with their time machine, before time runs out? This adventure does not feature the Doctor and their companions from the TV show (or does it?). But don’t let that put you off. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Player Requirements: Dice, courage, sonic screwdriver. Time machine optional

Warnings: None

Game: Tumbledown
System: Cursed Be Our Name
GM: Chris Dean
Location: Torridon
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 2 – 6
Genre: Post-apocalyptic super-powered fantasy
Description:Cursed Be Our Name” is a “super-powered post-apocalyptic fantasy” RPG, set 200 years after the emergence of six Primordials beings, whose appearance, existence and deaths forever devastated and mutated the continent they arrived upon.
All of humanity, the creatures, and even locations and objects are Cursed, each possessed of an (often unnatural) physical Mark, and for the living, a Compulsion related to their Curse. Each Curse is defined by a word or phrase, and manifests in individuals differently. One human with the Curse of Gold may have shining golden hair, and kleptomania, for example, whilst another may have golden skin and deck themselves in the finest jewellery.
Player characters, however, are amongst the Transformed; they are possessed of Cursed Talents (mundane feats that they can achieve more easily due to their curse) and Power (a unique ability bestowed by their curse).The Curse of Gold might provide Talents when “searching for valuables, attracting attention, proving your value”, and give you a Power that lets you transform inanimate materials into gold.
Tags: Newbie Friendly, GM’s Own System

Trigger Warnings: Blood and gore, some pregens will be “morally flexible”

Game: The Tower of Kuvesh
System: Numenera
GM: Simon Proctor
Location: Torridon
Age Rating: Teen (ages 12+)
Players: 3 – 6
Genre: Fantasy with Sufficiently Advanced Technology
Description: Billions of years in the future mankind has returned to the Ninth World. Human civilisation tries to do its best amidst the unknowable wreckage of previous worlds. This powerful technology, far beyond the understanding of anyone alive, is known as Numenera. Those who learn to harness it can gain great power, but risk utter destruction.
Tags: Newbie Friendly

Warnings: Light horror / tension

Game: Boat Race for the Song of the Frogacle
System: Mausritter
GM: Jamie Prentice
Location: Ochil
Age Rating: Child Friendly
Players: 2 – 5
Genre: A whimsical Wacky Races style boat race featuring mice
Description: Amongst the dew-fresh garden, The Pond sits. Ready to host the annual Spring rite. Brave mice, champions from all around the Estate, are to sail the waters of the stream and the pond. The most rapid, artful sailors will be the first to hear the Frogacle’s Song of Spring. With her song, a blessing upon the settlements of the Estate shall fall: Ancestral advice of ages past.
…Or that was the intent, for this honourable match has descended into a ruthless fight where no dirty tactic, surprise attack, or bloody betrayal is uncommon!
Will you thrive among the river mice and receive the Frogacle’s blessing? Have you come here instead to swiftly steal some riches? Or will you fail, and find only a watery grave?
Tags: Rules Lite, Newbie Friendly

Warnings: None

Game: They stole the goblin queen!
System: Adorablins
GM: Brian Ashford
Location: Ochil
Age Rating: Child Friendly
Players: 1 – 5
Genre: Cartoon fantasy adventure!
Description: The Adorablins are super-cute (or if you prefer adorably sticky and smelly) forest creatures who like to gather and protect all sorts of weird and dangerous magic items. Magic rings, hither-tither staffs, sentient toasters bent on world domination… This is usually a good thing because while the Adorablins and their queen keep these things no-one else is causing the sort of trouble which leads to people writing fantasy epics.
But oh no! The Queen Adorablin is missing! So are her favourite dangerous toys! And there are three open portals, which one did the queen go through?
It’s up to you to find her! Each of you will play an Adorablin and each Adorablin has a cute pet to help. Surely nothing can stop you!
Tags: Rules Lite, Newbie Friendly

Warnings: None

Game: Price of Hope
System: FFG Star Wars
GM: Phil Edwards
Location: Highland
Age Rating: Child Friendly
Players: 3 – 5
Genre: Sci-fi
Description: On the edge of the galaxy, Vermal is run by corporations that value only money. Group Gamma-15, a band of misfit youths, have been tasked with investigating the latest dig site, as they are cheaper to replace than droids. Beneath the rubble they quickly find ruins older than anything on Vermal. But they are not the only ones interested in the site, the Empire seeks its knowledge too. Can Gamma-15 discover the secrets of the ruins in time? More importantly, can they find it and escape?
Tags: Rules Lite, Newbie Friendly

Trigger Warnings: Star Wars-level violence, threat

Game: Catch A Falling Starscream
System: Essence20
GM: Kay Gillespie
Location: Highland
Age Rating: Child Friendly
Players: 3 – 6
Genre: Transformers (G1 flavour)
Description: Starscream has been being more sneaky than usual recently and, worse still, he’s been spotted making contact with Autobots. This can’t spell anything good for anybot, let alone a certain handful of Decepticon grunts with nothing better to do than hang around the Nemesis playing Praxus Fold ‘Em. It’s your job to find out what he’s up to and stop it.
Tags: Prior setting / system knowledge useful

Warnings: playing as the villains (though just cartoon villains)

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