Call for Blueshirts!

Conpulsion is great, isn’t it? Do you know what makes it great? Hard work from wonderful people. Who are these wonderful people? Look down at yourself. Now back to me. Now back to yourself. And back to this old meme. You are now one of the wonderful people! Or at least you could be, if you sign up for Conpulsion Blueshirting.

Blueshirts are the backbone of the Conpulsion experience. Signing up will make you one of the people who turns the Conpulsion Cabals dreams into actual Con reality. As a Blueshirt, you will assist with the guests and traders, help people navigate the convention, get a look at the behind the scenes running of a convention, meet new people and find other people to game with (you may also be running around and carrying things).

And best of all, not only will you get a snazzy TShirt (no points for guessing the colour), but you’ll also get into Conpulsion Death for free! Just sign up here

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