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Thank You

Thank you to all who attended, donated to the auction, bought tickets, were guests, volunteers, and generally helped us out by sharing on social media. We raised over £1000 for Edinburgh Women’s Aid. There are still some donations coming in and we’ve kept t-shirt sales open for another week (although to make these as affordable…

Programme Now Live

The event programme is now live! Go check it out.

Turning Point: 1777

Come and join Austin and Ben as the demonstrate their game. They will be in the Lobby with their stand to tell you more and links to their platform to demo the game. Re-enact the Battle of Saratoga by playing as the leader of either the American or British armies. Turning Point: 1777 is a…

Charity Auction Prize: Signed Copies of In the Red by Brian Tyrrell

Earlier this week, we began announcing prizes for our charity auctions in aid of Edinburgh Women’s Aid. We are delighted to announce another prize. One of the guests for Conpulsion this year, Brian Tyrrell, has kindly agreed to donate three signed copies of his book In the Red as prizes for the Charity Auction this…

More Games Announced!

More games announced for Saturday Afternoon! Check out the link to Saturday Afternoon Games to find out what to play!

Charity Auction Prize: Game GMed by Johnny Chiodini

Following our announcement last week that Conpulsion: Grimoire will be raising funds for Edinburgh Women’s Aid, we are further excited to announce prizes for our charity auction this year. One of the prizes on offer is a chance to play in a one-shot game GMed by Johnny Chiodini from Dicebreaker! Johnny Chiodini is a game…

Charity – Edinburgh Women’s Aid

Conpulsion Grimoire is proud to announce that our chosen charity for this year’s event is Edinburgh Women’s Aid. The pandemic has placed an enormous amount of strain on their resource and we hope to be able to help them in these tough time. Find out more at

T-Shirt Sales Are Live!

You can buy the T-shirts from Redbubble at the Conpulsion store. Sadly this means that they’re more expensive than usual, but they are printed on demand and shipped directly to you. You can also choose from a variety of styles, colours, and even other merchandise.

Guest Announcement: Brian Tyrrell

Announcing our second guest: Edinburgh local Brian Tyrrell, Art Director of Dungeons on a Dime, a publishing imprint dedicated to making tabletop gaming more accessible. He has written and illustrated the eponymous zine, and is also designing new TRPGs….

Guest Announcement: Luke Westaway

Announcing our first guest! Luke Westaway is half of Outside Xtra, where he plays Dob the Half-Orc Bard in the Oxventure series and GMs a Blades in the Dark campaign. He has also written Gravity RIP, an RPG about the thrills and drama of a sci-fi racing league….