Murphy’s Vault is a tabletop gaming store in Edinburgh, Scotland which focuses on a commuity-driven gaming experience for TCGs, RPGS, Wargaming and Board Games. They’ve hosted some of the largest MTG events in Scotland and support social media communities of over 800 local players over the last 4 years.

Handiwork Games is a Scottish tabletop games publisher, owned by industry veteran Jon Hodgson. Handiwork Games make and publish their own games, as well as providing full-spectrum production services for other publishers. You can find Handiwork Games at

YAY games are BRINGING THE FUN! The makers of Ominoes, Frankenstein’s Bodies and Snaggit return to Conpulsion this year with their new game (or should I say, gameS): Games for the deep, dark wood, the official game of The Gruffalo!

Dungeons on a Dime is a opening worlds for everyone, one adventure at a time. DOAD is magazine that aims to make role-playing games accessible through affordable, easy to use resources, with inclusively written characters and open-ended stories. Featuring work from entry level artists, every book is full of guidance and advice for new game masters, and custom resources for experienced players.

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