The Magical Charity Auction

As ever the Conpulsion Charity Auction is the star event. With this years proceeds of nearly £1000 going to the Grassmarket Project!

One of the star items was a portrait of last years Conpulsion Director by our most excellent Artist in Residence, Faye Sutherland.

This portrait is true to the life and sparkling personality of the amazing Calum McRobb.

5 days to go!

Conpulsion starts next Friday!

You can still get tickets here.

LARP signups are still open.

We are even still taking game submissions if the last minute GM urge strikes you.

The full programme will go up later this week.

LARP changes

Our Saturday Afternoon Vampire LARP was round to be insufficiently grimdark.

So we have upgraded it to the 40th Millennium!

You’re presence is requested by the Emperor at A Council at Nikea

Two weeks till Conpulsion

Attendance is Con-pulsory!

Ticket sales close soon so get in quick!

Want to get in cheap, then run a game or volunteer to help.

Forms for the famous bring & buy are up too.