Director’s Update: 22 March

We’re inching closer to the Con!

So far, we’ve made good headway on most of the prep. We’re still liaising with our guests and finalising discussion points for the panels.

We’re also preparing the live stream, figuring out the production, designing the layout and overlays, all that malarkey. We should have more announcements about that in due course.

We still have spaces open for GMs, so we’d love for more GMs to sign up for the one-shots!

But the biggest update I have for you is the following story about our logo.

Derp Griffie

Derp Griffie

When we first announced Conpulsion, and before we commissioned an artist to design a logo, we needed a placeholder. So back in 23 November, Claire, our social media manager and resident artist, was faffing about on Alan’s iPad and scribbled in less than five minutes mocked up something that made all of us laugh, before we realised it really suited the brief of what we needed for the Con: it had the varsity maroon and gold colour scheme, and it looked like high school graffiti.

All things considered, it proved such an elegant design, and it truly summed up this year’s placeholder online events in lieu of a full con, that we decided to stick with this. And so a silly joke ended up being a really endearing piece of graphic design.

And Claire is talented enough that they can turn even the silliest of jokes when faffing about for five minutes into a delightful piece of art. This is why we’re thrilled to announce Claire as our featured artist for Conpulsion Lite.

You can check out their portfolio at:

We are currently setting up a RedBubble store, so you can get your Derp Griffie merch should you want some!

So be sure to watch this space.

Vivek Santayana
Conpulsion Director

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