5 days to go!

Conpulsion starts next Friday!

You can still get tickets here.

LARP signups are still open.

We are even still taking game submissions if the last minute GM urge strikes you.

The full programme will go up later this week.

Two weeks till Conpulsion

Attendance is Con-pulsory!

Ticket sales close soon so get in quick!

Want to get in cheap, then run a game or volunteer to help.

Forms for the famous bring & buy are up too.

Traders Galore!

As well as our previously announced traders here we have some more to announce:
Medusa Games and Sara Kennington – designer of Ore-Some.

Medusa Games

Sarah Kennington writer of Ore-Some

GM Game Submission

Greetings great games masters.

Conpulsion needs Games. So we need you.

Submit your Games here.

As ever, we believe in bribery, so there are special GM discount codes to get you cheaper entry or T-shirts.

Also game submission closes in late March so hurry!

(We may have forgotten this for the already submitted games, we will be in touch)


We have many LARPs for your enjoyment at Conpulsion this year.
From Steampunk to Vampires to Cold War Politics (its a comedy, really!) All the details and pre registration here.

Join us for Conpulsion Conspiracy 2018

Friday April 13th – Sunday April 15th.

Friday 13th. Really. So spooky. Must be a conspiracy.


Keep up with us here and on Facebook for updates!

TSHIRTS- T-Shirt orders are processed through the above link.  The deadline for T-Shirt Pre-Orders is the 20th March. Shirts will be available on the day, but in limited numbers and sizes.

Children under the age of 9 will be permitted free of charge. Older children must be paid for in full.

Traders & Stalls & Dice & Things

We have pretty much filled up the trade hall for Conpulsion.

So come visit in April to see the best in epic gaming lootz!

Amongst our many awesome dealers of loot are shops but also local authors, artists and craftspeople.

Knightly Gaming
Knightly Gaming

Red Dice Games
Red Dice Games

Floating World Designs

Floating World Designs

Medusa Games
Medusa Games

Sarah Kennington, designer of Ore-Some
Sarah Kennington writer of Ore-Some