Charity Announcement: Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts

The Conpulsion Committee is excited to announce that our partner charity for Conpulsion: Homecoming 2023 is Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts.

Logo of Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts: a blue put with a red heart over it
Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts logo

Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts are a volunteer movement in Edinburgh formed in response to the Covid crisis. They work to end food poverty by making free meal packs for those in need from donations of surplus food. Since April 2020, they have provided over a million healthy meals to people experiencing food insecurity.

Covid 19, and the disruptions caused by the pandemic, exacerbated existing problems of food poverty. The work that Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts do to support the people who are hit more severely by the inequalities within our society has never been more timely.

Moreover, they advocate for the better treatment of hospitality workers and they seek to build community resilience to address the problem of modern hunger. The community-based values that the organisation is based on further align with our own at Conpulsion.

Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts are a small, local organisation, where modest contributions such as ours can make a very big difference. Proceeds from Conpulsion: Homecoming, as well as any donations received for Conpulsion Lite, will go towards Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts in their fight against hunger.

You can donate to the charity via PayPal here. We will use the same link when hosting live events on the Geas Twitch channel.

Members of our community who experience food insecurity can contact Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts via their website to seek support. The organisation supports all individuals without judgement.

Members of our community who have the means to donate to the charity are invited to do so. Likewise, members are also invited to consider volunteering for the organisation should they wish to donate their time or get involved in the organisation.

Vivek Santayana
Conpulsion Director

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