Director’s Update: 22 February

Hi folks,

As far as updates go, I finally have the most substantial update . We had a really productive Committee workshop, and we finalised a lot of our plans for Conpulsion Lite.

Dates for Individual Events

We have finalised the dates for the various Conpulsion Lite events we will be hosting. We will host the charity live stream on Friday, 8 April, the guest panels on Saturday, 9 April, and the games on Sunday, 10 April.


We have also confirmed our roster of guests for Conpulsion Lite. We are now just compiling the social media and web content and graphics, and we will make an announcement about this soon.

Web Site Banners

We have updated our web site banners to more accurately reflect the dates of Conpulsion Lite.

Besides this, we are also going to open game submissions soon.

So that is a lot we got through today, and we hope we will have more progress for you in the weeks to come.

Vivek Santayana
Conpulsion Director

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