Panel Announcement: Inter/National Connections in TTRPGs: Scotland and the World

We are thrilled to announce the first panel for Conpulsion Lite! At this event, we hope to reflect on the Scottish gaming scene as part of a wider, global community.

This panel, titled ‘Inter/National Connections in TTRPGs: Scotland and the World’, brings together people who create games and gaming communities from Latin America, India, Scotland, and South-East Asia to explore what we can learn from each other.

Because Conpulsion is running on-line this year, the Committee decided to make the most of this opportunity for a remote event and invite distinguished guests from further afield.

The Panellists

Indrani Ganguly (she/they) is the founder of Nonagon Dice, India’s only dice and TTRPG accessories shop, and co-founder of Desis & Dragons, the largest on-line TTRPG community in India.

momatoes (she/her) is a game and visual designer known for ARC, The Magus, and Capybara Capers. She also manages Across-RPGSEA, a discovery tool to promote TTRPG creators from South-East Asia.

Wendi Yu (she/they) has made games such as Marvelous Mutations & Merry Musicians, Apotheosis Janitors, and more recently here, there, be monsters! which features in the LATAM Breakout anthology.

Yubi (they/them) is an ENNIE-Award-Winning game writer and accessibility consultant from Scotland who contributed to Uncaged Anthology and Heckna. They are also an accessibility activist within the community.

You can read more about our panellists on our page about this panel.

The panel will be live streamed on the Geas twitch channel, at,
on Saturday 9 April, 2022, at
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 1 pm BST (UTC +1),
🇧🇷 9 am BRT (UTC -3),
🇮🇳 5:30 pm IST (UTC +5:30), and
🇵🇭 8 pm PHT (UTC +8).

Viewers can also take part in a live Q&A with the panellists via the Twitch chat.

You can find more information about the event, including full bios of the panellists and links to their recent works, on our page about this panel.

This panel features exceptional creators from around the world. A lot of hard work has gone into scheduling across four different time zones, and my sincerest thanks goes to Indrani, momatoes, Wendi, and Yubi for joining this panel, and to my committee for their tireless efforts in facilitating this.

We hope it will inspire new and exciting conversations about how different gaming communities can work together in solidarity, and broaden our horizons by exposing us to games and ideas we would not have encountered before.

Vivek Santayana
Conpulsion Director

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